Here is your chance – Nominations are open for the 2015 Board of Directors

Our first official AGM is coming up on September 28th, 2014. One of the day's major events is the election of a new board of directors. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to get involved, here's your chance! Being a board member of a professional association is an excellent volunteer experience. You will learn many new things, meet lots of interesting people, and play an active role in the voice of our TCM community.   Nomination form is below - please share!  

British Columbia Association of TCM &Acupuncture Practitioners

2015 Board of Directors Nomination Form



  This Nomination Form is for the  2015 Board of Directors of the  ATCMA.  Nominees must be willing to serve on the Board and accept responsibility and  work voluntarily  in the interest of the ATCMA if they are elected.  Please mail/fax/email the completed form with your one page bio to the ATCMA Office before 2:00 p.m. Friday August 15, 2014.   ATCMA: #810 – 675 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6B 1N2 Email: Tel: 604-428-6226 Fax: 604-428-6227   Full Name of Nominee: ___________________________               Registration/Member Number.:________________   Signature:_______________________________ Biography: Please attach a one page biography   Were you involved with any other Association[s] before?  Yes / No        If yes, please specify the name of Association[s]: We wish to nominate the above Member(s) for Election of the Board Directors at the Annual General Meeting of September 28, 2014. Proposed By: _________________________(Please Print) Registration/Member #.: _____ Signature: _______________   Seconded By: ________________________  (Please Print) Registration/Member #.: _____ Signature: ________________   ********************************************************************************************* 此为2015年度卑诗省中医针灸师协会理事提名表。侯选人必须在获选后愿意接受为理事会义务工作。请将填妥的表格与个人简介(不超过一页)于2014年8月15日(星期五)下午二时前邮寄/传真/电邮至协会办公室。 具体地址: #810 – 675West Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6B 1N2 Canada. Tel: (604)428-6226 Fax: (604)428-6227. Email:   被提名人姓名: 會員编号:                         接受提名簽字:________________________   (被提名人简历:請附不超过一頁的簡歷。)   閣下是否其他公會的會員?是 / 不 是若是,請詳列組識的名稱: 我們提名上述會員參加2014年9月28日會員大會之理事選擧。   第一提名人: 會員編号: 簽字:__________________________   第二提名人: 會員編号: 簽字:__________________________