Agenda for the First Annual General Meeting 2014

ATCMA AGM 2014 卑诗省中医针灸协会 2014 会员大会

Agenda 大会议程

0900~1000 AGM registration
0900~1000 会议注册
1000~1200 CE event (accept urgent proxy by 10:00 a.m.)
1000~1200 免费继续教育活动 (上午10时截止接受紧急委托书) 1200~1300 Lunch
1200~1300 午餐
1300~1330 Final registration
1300~1330 最后会议注册
1330~1700 AGM:
1330~1700 正式会员大会:

1330~1345 Meeting called to order and approval of the agenda;

1330~1345 会议召集,议程确认
1345~1400 President’s report;
1345~1400 会长报告
1400~1420 Governance Committee report and Resolutions; 1400~1420 管理委员会报告及修正案表决

1420~1450 Special report by Joe Ranallo

1420~1450 特别报告 报告人:Joe Ranallo
1450~1510 Financial, Education and Membership committee reports; 1450~1510 财务、教育、会员委员会报告
1510~1525 PR committee and ICBC task force report
1510~1525 公共关系委员会及ICBC专案组报告
1525~1530 Break;
1525~1530 休息
1530~1630 Discussion panel (1 hr CE credit);
1530~1630 分组讨论 (记一小时继续教育学分)

There are 3 topics, each for one panel:

  1. How to improve our TCM practice


  2. Which one is more useful in your practice? Modern or Classic acupuncture
  3. How to manage risk in your practice?


1630~1700 Candidates introduction and announcement of new board;

1630~1700 宣布当选理事及个人介绍 1700 AGM adjourned
1700 会员大会结束

1700~1730 First new board meeting, elect president. 1700~1730 第一次新理事会全体会议,选举会长。

Special Resolutions – a notice for our upcoming AGM

Our first official Annual General Meeting is coming up fast! Join us on Sunday September 28th 2014 at 10:00AM at The Floata Seafood Restaurant, 180 Keefer Street, 4th floor. If you are unable to attend, please print a proxy vote form and send it to a colleague so someone can vote for you.


Here are a few special resolutions for your review, posted in accordance with the Societies Act of BC.