Recently, it was brought to the attention of the British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners [ATCMA] that one of its members was suspended by the regulating body, the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia [CTCMA] as a consequence of a patient safety issue as reported by the Fraser Health Authority [FHA] in Abbotsford, BC.

Last week the FHA issued an advisory for patients who have received acupuncture treatments from Ms. Duan (Deborah) Hu at her Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Centre located at #11, 2168 McCallum Rd, Abbotsford, BC.  Those patients are urged to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis B and C as the clinic in question MAY have been compromised by improper cleanliness procedures. At this time, there is no direct evidence and no known examples of this occurring in BC in the past. However, the FHA has requested patients to immediately contact their local healthcare providers.

The FHA usually does not get involved with this type of issue, but as a result of some patient file irregularities, the FHA was not able to contact all previous patients and decided to issue its public safety announcement.

The CTCMA and FHA have worked closely together in this matter and ATCMA has made the decision to follow suit to suspend Ms. Hu’s ATCMA membership because this is an extra-ordinary situation and it was deemed vital for public safety that the Ms. Hu and her clinic did not meet the Association’s high level standard of business and professional conduct. Besides, only registrants who are in good standing with the College can be active members of ATCMA.

ATCMA also understands that this is a delicate situation because it wants to support its members, but also to uphold the highest standards for public safety. When it has been shown that Ms. Hu has taken the necessary steps to comply with the corrective actions required by the FHA and the CTCMA, she will be reinstated to the ATCMA following some additional training and education required by the Association’s by-laws and professional conduct to meet her member obligations.

ATCMA agrees and supports the decision of the CTCMA to uphold and enhance the health and safety of the public.  The ATCMA is also prepared to assist Ms.Hu to become reinstated by the College.


Prepared on behalf of the ATCMA Board of Directors by Joseph Ranallo, PR Chair and Poppi Sabhaney, Advisor to the Board

Updates from 2015 Board

Dear all ATCMA members,

Your elected board started work on the day of the September 28th AGM by electing Dr. Fei Che as the President.  By the October 21st board meeting all positions were established. Here is the list. Your board will keep working hard on leading our association to be strong.

ATCMA Board 2015

Position    Duty

President: Fei Che    Comply with bylaws

Vice Presidents:

  • First:     William Hardman    Comply with bylaws
  • Second:     John Yang    Comply with bylaws
  • President’s Special Assistant: Baodi Liu    Negotiate with other associations

Secretary: David Song    Comply with bylaws

  • Assistant: Yan Qu

Treasurer: Vincent Yu    Comply with bylaws

Membership Committee:

  • Chair: Ruining Wang    Managing member, supporting their rights, benefits/insurance
  • Vice Chair: Min Lee    Membership administration and student membersip
  • Vice Chair: Jun Bao    Volunteer Management

Island Chapter Chair:     Courtney Morris

Interior Chapter Chair:     Joseph Ranallo

Governance Committee:

  • Chair: William Hardman    Policy & Procedure Manual
  • Vice Chair: Yan Bin Ma    Lobbying governments and organizations
  • Vice Chair: Baodi Liu     Regulations explanation

Public Relations Committee:

  • Chair: Joseph Ranallo    Media, public relations, cross Canada associations
  • Vice Chair: Ruining Wang    Politicians, supporting members management
  • Vice Chair: Reagan Chu    Chinese media, Chinses supporting members
  • Vice Chair: Yaohua Gao    Website and Facebook management assisted by Jeffrey Chu

Academic & Education Committee:

  • Chair: John Yang    Continue education and profession improving
  • Vice Chair: Yan Qu
  • Vice Chair: Yan Bin Ma
  • Vice Chair: Tiejun Cao
  • Vice Chair: Yaohua Gao

Financial Committee:

  • Chair: Vincent Yu    Budget, expenses and sponsors
  • Vice Chair: William Hardman

Member at Large:

  • Weidong Yu    Committee assistant and sponsor management

ICBC Task Force:

  • Chair: Yan Bin Ma    ICBC Lobbying
  • Vice Chair:     Min Lee
  • Yaohua Gao

Writing Group:     Drafting, editing articles for public, media, or government.

  • Chair: Courtney Morris    English
  • Vice Chair: Min Lee    Chinese/Translation

Executive Committee:

Fei Che, William Hardman, John Yang, David Song, Vincent Yu, Ruining Wang, Joe Ranallo, Yan Bin Ma, Weidong Yu





二零一五届理事会 启

理事职务安排 (简译,以英文为准)

  • 会长:车飞(当选)
  • 副会长: Bill Hardman, 杨光芳
  • 会长特别助理:刘宝第 (与其他协会交涉)
  • 秘书长:宋淳,助理——瞿雁
  • 司库:于存海
  • 会员委员会主席:王瑞宁,副主席—包峻(义工)、李敏(会籍管理)
  • 岛部主席:Courtney Morris
  • 内陆主席:Joseph Ranallo
  • 管理委员会主席:Bill Hardman, 副主席—马燕斌、刘宝第
  • 公关委员会主席:Joe,
  • 副主席:王瑞宁(商业会员、政党关系、会员保险)、朱国项(华人商业会员、华人媒体)
  • 高耀华(网页负责人, 助理 – 朱昭昉)
  • 教育委员会主席:杨光芳,副主席——马燕斌、瞿雁、曹铁军、高耀华
  • 财务委员会主席:于存海,副主席——Bill
  • ICBC工作组组长: 马燕斌,副组长——李敏、高耀华
  • 写作组组长:Courtney Morris, 副组长——李敏
  • 执委:车飞、Bill Hardman、杨光芳、宋淳、于存海、王瑞宁、Joseph Ranallo、马燕斌、于卫东