2016 New Year message from President – 2016 会长新年贺词

Dear Members, 2015 was a successful year and in 2016. On behalf of all members we thank all members of the Board for their support and trust! It has been three years since our Association has been established and in addition to having many professional members. ATCMA also accepted Supporting Members depending on the support of members and the community. Our Association gained steady development. Growing fiscal reserves in the industry. Government agencies and the public's influence are also rising. Over the past year, our Association held a number of free academic seminar, workshops, technical expertise, and invited members to a number of experts who share a lot of useful experience. So that not only was the scene of the members of credit. More importantly, we got some practical experience in technology. Association also updated the website, and gradually improve the functionality of the website. Efforts to establish a practical multifunctional network platform for members. Board members actively communicate with CTCMA, ICBC and other institutions, strive to provide our members to create a better practice environment. This October, Association has successfully held its second Annual General Meeting. In the upcoming 2016, our Association will continue to increase the association website function. So that the public can more likely to search and find the sites and members' message; strengthen online learning features that make learning without time and place restrictions, easy to the members. On the other hand, Board Members will protect the rights and interests as a priority. If members are treated unfairly. Please reflect in writing to the Board Members. The Board must strive for its equity interests. In addition, with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has entered the second phase of the meeting. That is seeking to have acupuncture treatment included in the company's (ICBC) payout range. To get Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy with the same entitlement. That is expected, this Good News will be announced after the New Year. Also we hope that the majority of members work together to put forward good ideas and suggestions to the Board. Bless all your family members and work smoothly in the New Year, good health, peace and happiness. Yours Good health, Dr. Fei Che President of ATCMA 致:卑诗省中医针灸师公会全体会员 全体会员台鉴: 2015年即将过去,在此辞旧迎新之际,谨代表理事会全体理事感谢所有会员在过去一年给予理事会的大力信任和支持!公会成立这三年以来,除了拥有众多专业会员外,公会还接纳了一些企业会员。有赖于所有会员和社会各界人士的支持,公会得到稳健发展,财政储备不断增长,在业界、政府机构和公众中的影响力也不断提高。过去的一年里,公会举办了多场的免费学术讲座、专业技术的工作坊,邀请到多位专家人士为会员分享了很多有用的经验,使到场的会员不但得到了学分,更重要的是掌握了一些实用的经验技术。公会还更新了网站,逐步完善网站的功能,努力为会员建立一个实用的多功能网络平台。理事会成员在积极与CTCMA、ICBC等机构进行沟通,努力为广大会员创造更好的执业环境。10月份,公会圆满举行了第二次会员大会。 在即将到来的2016年,公会将陆续增加公会网站功能,让公众可以在搜寻网站时,更容易找到公会网站和各位会员的讯息;加强网上学习功能,使学习不受时间和地点限制,方便各位会员。另一方面,理事会要将保障会员权益作为一项工作重点,如有会员受到不公平对待,请书面反映到理事会,理事会必定努力替其争取公平权益。此外,公会跟卑诗保险公司(ICBC)的会面已进入第二阶段,正在争取把针灸治疗纳入该公司(ICBC)的赔付范围,获得与物理治疗和按摩治疗同等的待遇,期望新年后会有好消息公布。也希望广大会员群策群力,为理事会提出好的想法和建议。 祝福全体会员和您的家人在新的一年里工作顺利,身体健康,阖家幸福平安。 耑此。顺颂 安康
车飞 会长 卑诗省中医针灸师公会 2015年12月31日