Donate to the Alberta Fires Appeal

Fort McMurray Disaster

 The ATCMA Board wishes to extend our best wishes to all of the residents of Fort McMurray and surrounding area that were affected by the wild fire and evacuation. The ATCMA will be making a donation to the Canadian Red Cross  .

We encourage our members to each make a charitable donation to the Red Cross Disaster relief fund. Every dollar counts and donations are tax deductible so please give what you can. The equivalent of one treatment fee would help ease the sense of loss our neighbours have experienced. You can find information on how to donate at

Thank you for your kind assistance to people in need via the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Federation of Chinese Medicine Association launched anti physiotherapist Acupuncture legitimize action


In 2015, there is no other event that is more important than the massive anti U.S. Chinese medicine profession dry needle action. While we are praising and cheering for the American counterparts through the united efforts of getting their first victory on Anti Dry Needle action, fewer individuals have found our TCM industry in British Columbia is also facing the crisis.

Currently, College of Physical Therapists of BC has included the acupuncture needles service into their scope of practice, which is now founded as the Acupuncture and Dry Needling Credentialing Subcommittee (ADNCS) without any consultation, communication nor approval by the CTCMA authority.

ADNCS has already begun their operations since 2011, to develop a fixed BC physiotherapist’s acupuncture and dry needling Authority standards of practice, and dry needle acupuncture and educational background certification schemes.

2012, ADNCS had certified four physiotherapists for dry needle and acupuncture operation. The ADNCS currently only requires the physiotherapists to have 200 hours of training and learning on dry needle acupuncture.

This behavior of College of Physical Therapist of BC has not only violated the law; “only the acupuncturists and acupuncture practitioners to engage in operations”. They also allow the amateur non-acupuncturist, who only received a small amount of training to engage in acupuncture activities. This will likely bring serious harm to the public’s lives and health.

At this critical moment, BC Chinese Association leaders’ has conducted an urgent meeting and has come to a unified preliminary decision with many other associations.  In 2016 February 14th, and 25th, Dr. Fei Che, President of ATCMA, Jinhua Shi (CACRA), Jiaxian Lu (TCMP & AcS Pacific Region), Dr. Li Ping Cai (Guangzhou University of TCM Alumni) and Dr. Xiaoyun Lu (CATMHA former president) and other responsible people, reached the following agreement:

  1. Restart the BC Coalition Mechanism Acupuncture Association Division.

The purpose of the alliance establishment is to have better safeguard of public security and interests, to maintain BC Acupuncture industry normal operating environment and TCM acupuncturist’s legitimate rights and interests, and also to promote healthy development on acupuncture to the right direction.

During this critical occasion; to re-establish the alliance structure, teamwork is the only way in our efforts to reverse this situation.

  1. On behalf of the industry, ATCMA issued a letter to urge CTCMA to be actively and correctly imposing their legal duties and examining the serious problems that the provincial acupuncture is facing, in a timely manner regarding the issues by the College of Physical Therapist of BC including acupuncture into their treatment practice. Meanwhile, the BC Ministry of Health, multicultural Department and other agencies have set on forth our views to multi-levels of recognition and support.
  2. If necessary, we should take further positive action to dynamically response to CTCMA and College of Physical Therapist of BC in a timely manner.
  3. Strengthen communication, collaborate and co-ordinate within the Union Association to form a strong and effective voice to protect our common interest.

Maintaining the BC Acupuncture to have a healthy and stable development is closely related each of our practitioners. I hope that while our members are demonstrating their professional skills to show the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, they are also actively involved and cooperated with the activities organized by the Association and promote to their patients and friends, the best they can!