Please support our members in CTCMA board election

Please support our following members who participate in CTCMA board election on November 7th 

1.YU, Weidong, Dr. TCM

Dr.Weidong Yu graduated from Shandong University of TCM is in1983. Practiced TCM in China,Europe,US,and BC,Canada in past 33 years. I was invited as WHO expert on international guide of acupuncture clinical practice in 2015. I love BC,Canada as well as TCM profession. I believe a stronger TCM profession is to the best interest of British Columbians. I am willing to volunteer my time and expertise for the betterness of public health through TCM.


2. TAN,Weijia, Dr. TCM

If I were a board member, I would like to become a bridge between the registrants and the CTCMA. I want to portray an accurate image of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to the public as a preventative, safe, and effective healthcare modality.  I will dedicate my resources to supporting the development of high standards for TCM education.  I would build a functional, transparent, and balanced board. I feel it is time for me to contribute to the TCM community and I am eager to do so.

She began practicing acupuncture in 1975 in China’s countryside as a bare-foot doctor. In 1983, she qualified as a TCM physician at the Nanjing University of T.C.M.

As an educator, Dr. Tan taught TCM in China Nanjing University of T.C.M. between 1983-1987, and has continued to do so in Canada since 1987. From 1994 to 2011 she taught at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver and was responsible for teaching various subjects of TCM as well as a director and supervisor of the student clinic.

Dr. Tan has been in private TCM practice in Canada since 1989, and is currently practicing out of her own clinic. She is currently registered as a Dr. TCM.  Her involvement with the CTCMA reaches back to its early stages including the development of Schedule E, various committee memberships, and participating as a Board director from January2014 until present.


3. SHI, Jin Hua, R.TCM.P.

I,  Jin Hua SHI, am honoured to have your members support and ask for your vote in the upcoming election for council member in Chinese Medical Acupuncture Administration Council on November 7th.

My  Guiding  Principles:

  • Seek political parties, the Government and the Community widely support to promote the Chinese Medicine practitioners into the mainstream society.
  • Advocates the Chinese and Western Medicine co-operation and collaborations. Make full use of all resources for enhancing exchange of knowledge and skills.
  • Promote Chinese Medicine with associations like ICBC and WCB. Strive for the establishment of youth Acupuncturists training program.
  • Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese Acupuncturists, allowing them to contribute to the society.
  • Advocates in the Chinese Medicine sector and flourish the greatness of Chinese culture in Canada.


4. CHU, Kuo Hsiang (Reagan) R.Ac.

National Defence Western Medical Centre

Culture Law College

Central Chinese Medicine College

Dr. of Taipei Veteran General Hospital


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Specialist

Dr. of Government Examination


5. LIU, Bao Di R.TCM.P.

President of Canada Association of Chinese Medicine Difficult and Complicated Diseases ( CACMD )

Vice Chair of Governance Committee of ATCMA ( Policies and Regulations )

The Volunteer Defender of the Students in the Events of BC TCM Students Examination

TCM Practitioner Diploma of Central College in BC.  Working in TCM profession for more than ten years. After received my Bachelor and Master Degree of Engineering, as a doctoral candidate, I had studied in the department of materials science and engineering of the Northwest Polytechnical University, China for three years from 1991 to 1994. After then,I worked in South China University of Technology and South China Science Institute of Electrostatic Technique in Guangzhou, China. I mainly researched the diffusive method of Chinese herbs on body surface under ionic action as a senior engineer in materials. I have systematically studied the Health Professions Act, the professional regulations, administrative and educational standards and procedures of TCM in BC. So, I know well the regulations and working procedures of TCM profession.

  • Being responsible to all TCM registrants, avoiding paying the huge compensation fees and lawyer fees because of not correctly dealing with the events of BC TCM students examination and registration.
  •  Improving the administration and work efficiency and reducing the registration fee. Making public the using plan of the surplus money and the choosing procedures of the members of the various committees.
  • According to the administrative regulations of health professions, promoting and helping the unification of the TCM associations.
  • To better protect the public and serve all registrants, We should continuously enhance TCM technical level, more reasonably design the TCM educational system and training courses, cooperating with the TCM associations, greatly enlarge TCM profession’s influence and expand the covering extent of MSP and companies’ insurance.

6. YU, Vincent D.PCM; R.TCM.P

I made a decision to join in this year’s CTCMA election. I am a ATCMA member since it exists and was board member years. CTCMA board is very important place to represent our industry voice and protect our industry benefit and public. If I am elected ,I will stand in impartial position to express my opinion. so I really want to get support from our association.