Please Attend Nov 5 CTCMA AGM | 請各会員參與11月5日中医针灸管理局年会

Dear fellows,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in 2017 CTCMA AGM on November 05. As the AGM can help you to understand CTCMA annual work and financial report better, we sincerely look forward to your attendance and suggestions.

AGM is important and we would like to share happiness with everyone. However, we have unwelcome news here. We received another special recall motion this year after five weeks of the EGM on August 29th of 2017. It was the same as the last “Recall Revolution" and its subsequent movements, same group submitted the recall motion, but this time they take aim at member of a council: Weidong Yu. A haze has been brought to the TCM professional community.

As one of the leader of BC traditional Chinese medical profession, Weidong Yu is committed to the unity of the BC traditional Chinese medical profession. He is diligent and public-spirited person who is highly praised by both domestic and overseas TCM profession and patients as he contributed lots for the development of TCM community and industry in BC province.

During 2012 to 2014, as the president of QATCMA, Weidong Yu made efforts to facilitate a merger between QATCMA and TCMABC and contributed for the integration of TCM community. In 2014, he shouldered tremendous pressure and led more than 400 TCM professionals to preserve the right to use Chinese in TCM industry. Because of his effort and contribution, BC province becomes the only province which allows using Chinese for TCM education, certification verification, and medical record in Canada. After being the member of council of CTCMA, Weidong Yu complies with the rule and code of conduct of the council in CTCMA. He dedicates his valuable time to the work of CTCMA and protects public interest.

Also, over the years, Weidong Yu donated a dozen times to association to invite international TCM experts for professional lectures. He volunteered to contribute money and serve for the public. He set a good example and never pursues personal interests and fame.

When he witnessed someone ignored the overall benefit of TCM profession and was impeding the development of Chinese medicine profession in province of British Columbia, he stands out and speaks up to repel the selfish behaviors and bad movement. Obviously, this recall proposal to Weidong Yu is typical distorting the truth and a retaliation action.

ATCMA thinks nobody is perfect but we can keep improving ourselves by kind communication. We are against all evil intentions and proposals. We resolutely resist the irregular conduct of misusing public resource and wasting everyone's precious time. If you want to avoid your life and career to be messed up by a minority of people who put their individual interest above the interest of TCM community, please attend the AGM and vote for justice. We trust we will conquer the bad action and maintain the healthy development of BC provincial traditional Chinese medical community.  If you are not able to attend this year AGM in person and would like to support AGM and oppose the recall motion, please do the following steps:

1.Make sure to find a TCM practitioner or acupuncturist who you can trust;

2.Fill in the Proxy Form with both of your registered English names, registered numbers, date, and signatures. You can find the Proxy Form under the following link:

3. Mail the Proxy Form to CTCMA office: “1664 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1V4” by October 29, 2017 to authorize the vote on your behalf.

In addition, we hope CTCMA can consider revising the policy which is ten persons can recall members of council. It is not fair if a member of council who is diligent and dedicated to CTCMA and the interest of public is recalled because he may be against unruly behavior from individual members. So, we hope CTCMA consider our suggestion and avoid the democratic rule to be abused.

Thank you for your time and support!

Kind Regards,

The British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners (ATCMA)


一年一度的中医管理局年会将于今年十一月五日召开, 我们诚挚的邀请各位同仁积极出席和参加此次年会。通过年会报告,我们将很高兴和大家交流沟通想法和建议, 分享一年中的工作成果, 和汇报今年的财政报告。但我们也十分遺憾地告知大家一则令人不悦的消息。继今年八月二十九日特別大会五周之后,我们又收到了罢免理事的特別动议。和上次罢免运动及其后续运动如出一辙, 这次罢免动议是由同一組人提出,只是这次他们剑指于卫东理事,再次给卑诗省中医界带来了一份阴霾。





我们卑诗省中医师公会认为人无完人,但我们反对一切不良企图和提案,坚决抵制滥用公共资源和浪费大家宝贵时间的不正当行为,希望大家在AGM当天,踊跃参加,投出您心中神圣的一票,击退个别人搞乱管理局的企图,维护BC省中医事业的健康发展。如果您不能出席今年年会, 但愿意投票支持CTCMA和反对罢免提案, 您可以按照以下步骤完成委托投票:

  1. 找一位您可以信任的中医同行,委托他/她代您投票

2.完成有您签名的委托投票表单,须填写您的注册中英文名及注册号和日期, 委托投票表可在以下



1664 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1V4






Services of Acupuncturists have been exempt from the GST/HST from 2014/2/11 | 中醫針灸師提供的針灸服務自2014/2/11免除GST/HST

Services made by a person practising the profession of acupuncture have been exempt from the GST/HST from 2014/2/11. For more details, please see:


中醫針灸師提供的針灸服務自2014/2/11免除GST/HST, 聯邦政府提供實務運作詳解:


世界华人中医医师协会成立大会在青岛举行 (The Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians Was Established in Qingdao)




















The Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians Was Established in Qingdao


On September 21 of 2017, the worldwide TCM conference was held in Qingdao. Meantime the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians was established in this meeting. The chairman: Yanling Zhang and President of a council: Liying Shi attended this conference. The president of the Chinese academy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):Boli zhang was elected the initial president of the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians. Meantime, the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians was consisted of 14 vice presidents, 1 secretary general, 1 assistant secretary general, and 65 committee members.


The chairman Yanling Zhang made a speech. She said: “Chinese traditional medicine is one of the treasures of human civilization, and is also a system to retain the most complete system of traditional medicine, so it needs to be carried forward. In order to promote international academic exchanges in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the research and exploration of integrated Chinese and western medicine, and enhance the influence of traditional Chinese medicine in world medicine, establishing the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians is a profound and important step. It shows the cohesion of International Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians. The association will strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between traditional Chinese medicine groups. Traditional Chinese medicine is internationally recognized by the world. In the context of facing great opportunities for development, the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians will have a bright future.”


He hopes the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians become an international platform of exchange and cooperation for TCM physicians around the world. Through this platform, valuable TCM programs can be displayed and TCM culture can be spread. Meantime we can use this platform to develop TCM education and hold international academic conferences.


Baohe Wang, Vice President of Second affiliated hospital of Tianjin university of TCM, spoke on behalf of Boli zhang who is the initial president of the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians. He said: “TCM herbalism is an outstanding representative of Chinese civilization and the crystallization of ancient science and also is the key to open the treasury of Chinese civilization. Through thousands of years development, TCM formed a unique view of life, a healthy theoretical system, and methods to prevent and control disease. It is a great contribution to the development of world medicine. With the aging of world population trends in the intensification and changes in disease spectrum and medical patterns, traditional Chinese medicine has shown a unique advantage. More and more countries and regions are attaching importance to the role of traditional medicine in the national medicine and health system. With the strong promotion of overseas Chinese and TCM doctors, the international development of TCM has achieved outstanding results. The ‘Law of the People's Republic of China on Chinese Medicine’ was officially implemented on July 1st of 2017. With ‘Outline of strategy and development for TCM (2016-2030)’ and a series of national development planning releasing, there is a fantastic opportunity for the all-round development of TCM.


In the conference, Liying Shi, the president of a council, read out the reply from the association of world Chinese physicians regarding the establishment of " the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians”.


In the period of academic forum, experts Dong Jingcheng, Linfu Zhou, Xiufang Gao, Fei Che, Hong Xu, Kai Tao, Dong shan, Zegeng Li, Qian Qin, Yingjie Jia, Zihui Tang, Biao Dai, Jian Yu, Zhigang Lv, Weidong Yu, XiaoYun Lu made special reports.


Announcement for the 9th General Assembly of WFAS

Dear member societies:

The 9th General Assembly (GA) of WFAS is to be held in Beijing, China on December 2, 2017. One of the major tasks of this GA is the election of the 9th Executive Committee of WFAS. Let’s seize this golden opportunity to look back at the 30-year history of WFAS for valuable experiences so as to guide our future path.

We are honored to invite delegates from your organization to present in the 9th GA of WFAS to give your comments to the suggested revision of WFAS Constitution, development plans for WFAS as well as many other issues.

Please find the enclosed attachments for the official announcement and registration form.

registration form.doc

World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies
August 25th, 2017

Extraordinary General Meeting Urgent Attention

Extraordinary General Meeting Urgent Attention

To whom it may concern,

This letter is a CALL TO ACTION to all Registrants regarding the Extraordinary General Meeting set for Aug 29th, 2017.

Location: Italian Culture Center, 3075 Slocan Street of Vancouver, BC 

Time: 7:00pm

In the last couple of months, a series of negligent political movements have disseminated and misinformation has initiated chaos within our college with serious implication. It is important to get informed.

As you know, CTCMA is taking self-regulation system and board members are consisting of the public and TCM registrants. This system can protect public interest and support development of traditional Chinese medicine Industry.

The "Recall Revolution" and the “The Explanation of the Background and Overview Regarding the Proposal of CTCMA General Meeting for Special Members” has spread false information and confusion within the Registrant community. It demands for the removal of serving board members for unsubstantiated claims. This is irresponsible and displays unprofessional behaviour that puts CTCMA at risk. Provoking to overturn the Board and founder of the college with these imprudent allegations is reckless and jeopardizes its authority in managing BC's TCM Industry.

The "Recall Revolution" and subsequent movements have caused an extremely negative
influence. If we cannot stop the negative movements and protect TCM professional reputation,
the following grave consequences will happen:

1. Government will completely involve in TCM regulation, and then legal and administrative
expenses will be enormously increased;
2. Group insurance companies will remove or reduce acupuncture coverage;
3. MSP acupuncture coverage might be cancelled;
4. Bilingual (English and Chinese) exam and medical case writing might be replaced by English one;
5. E & O insurance fee will be increased;
6. Negative reports about TCM profession from media will increase;
7. Renewal license fee will be increased.

We are not exaggerating the situation, as a matter of fact, the administrative and legal expense had been reached up to $100,000 for AGM regarding “Recall Revolution” and solving related issues. In this situation, how can we trust the “Recall Revolution” lower down the license renewal fee?

A select few have been pushing an agenda that threatens the existence of CTCMA and the selfgovernance of our profession. It is a vital time to voice your opinion by either attending the meeting or finding a proxy to represent your position.

We the undersigned, urge Registrants to vote against this motion to remove members on Aug 29th and allow the needs of the registrants to be addressed by the associations.


The British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
Practitioners (ATCMA)
United Acupuncturists & TCMP Association of British Columbia (UAABC)
Canada Anti-Cancer Rehabilitation Association (CACRA)
Acupoint and Regeneration Injection Association of BC (ARIABC)

Proxy Form: 2017-08-29-egm-proxy-form.pdf

(If you are not able to attend the EGM in person and would like to support EGM and oppose the “Recall Revolution”, please do the following steps: 1. Make sure to find a TCM practitioner or acupuncturist who you can trust; 2. Fill in the Proxy Form 2017-08-29-egm-proxy-form.pdf with both of your registered English names, registered numbers, date, and signatures; 3. mail the Proxy Form to CTCMA office: “1664 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1V4” by August 17th to authorize the vote on your behalf.)

Comments Regarding the “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu Bringing a Crushing Blow to BC Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Community

Comments Regarding the “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu Bringing a Crushing Blow to BC Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Community

1. Unbearable Consequence from the “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu

On June 26 of 2017, the statement from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council) solemnly pointed out Kuo Hsiang Chu, a recently elected board member, and his supporters will pose a threat to the future of the existence of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA). On June 27, Mary s. Watterson, Registrar of CTCMA, also seriously stated: “if CTCMA is disbanded, the credibility, professional reputation, and respect earned during the past two decades will also be destroyed, and then rebuilding these will take decades efforts”.

Kuo Hsiang Chu incited a minority of TCM acupuncturists to extensively carry out his signature campaign for the "Recall Revolution" .The "Recall Revolution" of Kuo Hsiang Chu caused a serious confusion. It seems that most of the registered TCM doctors do not support the CTCMA’s authority to take the management responsibility for the BC’s TCM industry. But is this true? If the current CTCMA is disbanded, the BC Ministry of Health will withdraw the authority of self-regulation away from the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry, and then will appoint a new administration staff composed primarily of public members to take the responsibility of management away from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture group. Would the BC Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group like to see that happen?

If our Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture members don’t stand together to stop the "Recall Revolution", the following grave consequences will happen:

1.1. The public will undertake the positions of board members of TCM and the renewal fees forTCM acupuncturists and doctors will be increased to pay for all the expenses for the salaries of the public council, directors, and staffs.

1.2. Because the public council isn’t familiar with TCM industry, it will have to hire lawyers to deal with most of the work. All the extra fees will have to be paid by the TCM acupuncturists and doctors. The "Recall Revolution" of Kuo Hsiang Chu is a void cheque for lowering renewal fees.

1.3. The behavior of Kuo Hsiang Chu makes Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group lose both its credibility and reputation. Insurance companies will cancel or decrease acupuncture insurance, then we will lose the trust from our patients and our income will decrease as well. So will the "Recall Revolution" help the TCM industry?

1.4. The "Recall Revolution" of Kuo Hsiang Chu will lead the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group out of the government control. When this happens, students in TCM colleges and institutions will lose the opportunity to apply for and receive government loans.

1.5. The "Recall Revolution" of Kuo Hsiang Chu causes censure from the pubic and destroys the TCM’s industry image. Is Kuo Hsiang Chu a hero? Is he representing our benefit?

1.6. The "Recall Revolution" of Kuo Hsiang Chu will help the “simple acupuncture” of physiotherapists and other non TCM therapists to compete with TCM acupuncture. Through legislation, all the effort of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group will fail to come true. The survival place of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group will be destroyed by the "Recall Revolution" of Kuo Hsiang Chu.

2.Kuo Hsiang Chu violated the rules and regulations of the CTCMA and the ethics of the professionals

Thinking about the “Four Major Concerns and Five Resolutions” mentioned by Kuo Hsiang Chu and his supporters, we agree that there are shortcomings in CTCMA such as increasing renewal fees, high financial expenses, less investment in improvement of professional level and medical quality, and the need to invest more in TCM education. We can point out all these issues and ask the CTCMA to improve them. Also, we should see that the CTCMA makes lots of efforts to benefit every TCM members. We should recognize the achievement already made by the CTCMA. These achievements include the following issues: the establishing regulations and the planning of the TCM industry, the win over legislations, the insurance of public health and safety, the improving of the credibility of TCM industry, the promotion of the development and progress of the TCM industry. Because these achievements are primary, we will make efforts to remedy the shortcomings. As a new board member of CTCMA, Kuo Hsiang Chu should help CTCMA to correct shortcomings with kindness if he really tries to fight for benefit of TCM acupuncturists and doctors. He can make a remarkable achievements in CTCMA through studying the rules and regulations of the CTCMA, researching and investigating the realities of situation, communicating experience with senior members and exchanging suggestions, then making proposals for the Council to address. If Kuo Hsiang Chu complies with reasonable and legal procedures, he can make achievement both in the reform and development of CTCMA. We trust issues will be solved and the CTCMA and TCM industry will usher a better development in the future under the support from most of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and board of members.

Unfortunately, Kuo Hsiang Chu completely failed to comply with reasonable and legal procedures to figure out issues. He never offers his opinion and suggestions at the board meetings, but declares irresponsible comments after the meetings. He doesn’t follow regulations of council and breaches his promises. This is not new story. Before two years ago, he was dismissed from ATCMA council. His dismissal was approved by all the board members because he had breached his promises and had violated the council regulations.

After he joined the CTCMA Council, he didn’t change his previous behavior and even turned worse. The Council, which found that his issues had already negatively affected their work, tried to help him to improve, but he ignored their emails, phone notifications, and meeting calls. He is just stubborn on his way.

3. “Recall Revolution” violate nomocracy

In the “Five Resolutions” of the “Recall Revolution”, Kuo Hsiang Chu chose to remove two of the CTCMA board members: Bao Qi CAO and Weijia Tan. He did this without providing any factual reasons or legal testimony to support his action. This recall doesn’t make sense under legal principles. The action of the “Recall Revolution” has attacked the reputation and personal rights of Bao Qi CAO and Weijia Tan.

We want to ask TCM fellows who participated in the action of the “Recall Revolution” signature collection whether you consulted your lawyers about the legality of the action.

Kuo Hsiang Chu hid the truth and pulled the deceived fellows into a lawsuit that is completely untenable in jurisprudence. This behavior can severely harm the benefit of signers.

The purpose of Kuo Hsiang Chu and his supporters is to create a bunch of false and trumped up charges against Bao Qi Cao and Weijia Tan and then deny the work of the Council because Bao Qi Cao is the president of CTCMA. This must imperil the existing privileges of self-regulation. This is not a joke. The government has already withdrawn the privileges of the self-regulatory status from the BC Real Estate Brokerage industry and the Beauty industry. These are lessons drawn from others' mistakes. Because of this, we should bring our high attention to them.

4. Seriously treat the cardinal issue of right or wrong

Very few TCM practitioners sympathized with the "Recall Revolution" of Kuo Hsiang Chu because Kuo Hsiang Chu drew on their earnest desire for CTCMA reforms. However, these people didn’t seriously consider the grave consequences from the "Recall Revolution". We support and advocate all the reasonable and correct opinions with good intention and will comply with legal procedure to carry out with the CTCMA. But we resolutely oppose and resist any vicious attacks, illegal procedures, and unreasonable requirements. The standard of supporting and advocacy of the privileges of self-regulation is bringing issues to CTCMA Council and figure out the issues in the Council.

5.The "Recall Revolution" seriously harms the BC TCM reputation and its international image

It is well-known, that the BC TCM group has already obtained a fruitful achievement and has become a flag indicating a leading position in the oversea TCM industry development and example. The representatives from different countries and cities come to Vancouver to study and communicate about BC TCM industry development and the successful experience of TCM legislation. If the BC TCM industry retrogress, we will lose the leading position of TCM development and have a negative influence on the overseas development of the TCM industry.

Currently, the Chinese government promulgated the “Traditional Chinese medical law” and TCM is moving into the world through the "One Belt and One Road" system. Overseas, Traditional Chinese Medicine is rushing forward with unprecedented scale and overwhelming momentum. We resolutely resist any countercurrent to the development of the overseas Chinese Medicine and internal disorder.

6.Resisting the "Recall Revolution", will safeguard our vital interests.

The BC TCM industry is in critical moment with its fate in our hands. If our TCM participators become a common unity to deeply learn the perniciousness of the "Recall Revolution" and maintain the excellent situation of the TCM industry in the BC province, we must be able to resist this counter-current of the "Recall Revolution" and successfully reach the other side of victory!

Yours Sincerely,

ATCMA Board committee 卑詩省中医针灸师公会理事会, UATCMABC Board committee卑詩省中医針灸師联合会理事会 and Shi, Jin Hua石精華 (Chairman of CACRA加拿大中医抗肿瘤学会会长)


The Formal Response Regarding the Proposal of KuoHsiang Chu

The Formal Response Regarding the Proposal of KuoHsiang Chu

Recently, KuoHsiang Chu had sent a series of emails to a number of TCM acupuncturists and submitted a written request to convoke an interim meeting for the registered members of the BC CTCMA.

To the recent statements and actions of KuoHsiang Chu, we would like to reply him a formal email after the chairman of ATCMA has discussed it with his board members. The following points reflect our opinions:


  1. Any individuals who expresses any ideas, suggestions, and proposals must abide the by laws and regulations. And we will process it according to the law. In the country of democracy and legislation, any citizen has the right to express his/her opinion, but the opinion has to comply with the law. Anyone including the leaders of country must comply with the law to argue and handle the affair.

As a new council member of CTCMA, KuoHsiang Chu has the right to submit his ideas and suggestions to the decision and operation of CTCMA, but the suggestions must comply with the legitimate procedures and regulations of CTCMA. If the suggestions go beyond the above range and the individual applies inappropriate behaviors and actions, his approaches are deemed to be improper.


  1. Any actions he takes have to be reasonable and fully legal.

KuoHsiang Chu has claimed that the CTCMA may be abusing its public funds and  may be failing to figure out the lawsuits related to the students of the TCM College in the recent years.

  • First: Regarding the issue of failing to figure out the lawsuit to CTCMA from students of TCM College, the BC Ministry of Education and the CTCMA have already offered an explicit response. There is no reason to take out this issue to discuss it again. Relevant and further information can be found on CTCMA website.
  • Second: Regarding the issue of recent years in the abusing of public funds by the CTCMA, some reasonable suggestions can be put forward at the 2017 AGM in response to the financial report. In the current situation, an alternative way can be used to solve the query of the 2016 CTCMA financial report as the report was approved by all members at the AGM each year.
  • Third: Regarding the “Recall” action proposed by KuoHsiang Chu

KuoHsiang Chu has proposed numerous “Recall” actions in the council meeting of CTCMA through email, and has requested a comprehensive and in-depth implementation of this action. In addition, he has requested to recall Cao’s (BaoQi Cao) and Tan’s (Weijia Tan) current positions and has defamed both of them. His behavior is against a professional integrity and the regulations of council of CTCMA. He broke the internal solidarity of the group of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and if a legal action will take place, it will likely increase the cost of legal fees and will burden every B.C. TCM practitioner and acupuncturist.


  1. Any personal extreme slogans, instigation, and social actions promoted by deluded individuals can work against the stability and peace of society.

KuoHsiang Chu stated many times that he plans to launch a“TCM Revolution”:

  • First: “So, have to launch ‘ a TCM Revolution’”. (2017-06-03 email from KuoHsiang Chu)
  • Second: “TCM Revolution”, “Qin law tyranny, The people are deprived of their means of survival in TCM group, To raise the righteous flag, Recommend suitable individual and recall scoundrel…” (2017-05-26 email from KuoHsiang Chu)

Canada is a democracy country with a perfect legal system, the “Revolution” is not allowed in Canada’s peaceful society.

KuoHsiang Chu used extreme statements and actions and instigated the deluded individuals. The result will be destroying the reputation of Traditional Chinese Medicine profession and will be bringing negative effects to the future of Traditional Chinese Medicine in B.C.


  1. Every Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner should cherish the achievement from the efforts of BC Traditional Chinese Medicine team and preserve the hard-won achievements and opportunities.

BC Traditional Chinese Medicine team spent 20 over years to make effort for the approval of legalization of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. We obtained the following achievements:

  • Approval in the title of Registered TCM Practitioner (Doctor of TCM);
  • Acupuncture was introduced to MSP;
  • Tax exemption for Acupuncture;
  • Acupuncture was introduced to National University and post-secondary education and won significant achievements.
  • A new department of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be set up at the Richmond hospital. Richmond hospital will be the first to operate as an integrated hospital of Chinese and Western medicine in Canada.

All of these achievements are from the efforts of several generations’ TCM professionals; the supports of government, different parties and social communities and also the efforts from a number of our TCM acupuncturists and practitioners. Today, as a new generation of TCM practitioners, we should make efforts to foster the TCM tree to grow better instead of killing it!


  1. We appeal to all of TCM acupuncturists and practitioners to rationally read and respond the “TCM Revolution” of KuoHsiang Chu. We hope that every TCM acupuncturists and practitioners will learn the truth first and won’t become involved in any extreme action(s) because that may destroy the BC Traditional Chinese Medicine industry. If the council of CTCMA is disbanded, the license renewal fee will likely increase and every practitioner will need to suffer the results. The incident that happened in Alberta should become a reference for us in B.C. to pay attention to.

(ATCMA) President/ Chairman of ATCMA:Che, Fei (車飛)


(CACRA)Chairman of CACRA: Shi, Jin Hua石精華


(UATCMABC) UAABC Chariman: Huang, Qing Lin

(UATCMABC) UAABC Controller: Che, Weidong Walton


June 07, 2017

“Overseas Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine” Press Conference Record By Consul General, Liu Fei

On November 4th, 2016, Vancouver Consul General, Liu Fei, has hosted a press conference with consuls and staffs of Science and Technology and culture sectors. More than 30 practitioners and representatives and two Chinese doctors from western medicine association were invited to attend. The conference topic was to discuss about overseas development strategies for Chinese medicine.

During the meeting, Liu expressed tremendous concerns and supports for the oversea development of TCM. She believes that the Chinese medicine industry has made a great contribution to human health. Through immense efforts from TCM practitioners, TCM has received a great development in Vancouver. Unfortunately, Chinese medicine is not integrated into the mainstream of health care system and is confronted with lots of difficulties and obstacles in its development. Liu together with consuls from technology and science and culture sectors expressed their willingness to collaborate and promote the development of TCM. Therefore, she hopes that practitioners from the TCM industry can actively construct and propose ideas to help with the development. The Consulates will continue to support and maintain good communication and cooperation in activities organized by TCM associations where possible.

Chinese medicine practitioners Tongnian Zhuo, Baoqi Cao, Jinghua Shi, Guangfang Yang and Xiaoyun Lu introduced the current TCM situation in China and oversea. In China, Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of China, addressed the importance of revitalization in TCM development. He suggested "Along the way" strategic approach to facilitate cooperation platform for TCM development abroad since Chinese medicine in British Columbia is at a leading position in Canada in regards to its legislation, management and training, hence forming a complete system. In 2016, the first TCM program has been established by Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia. Every TCM associations has also worked hard this year and jointly hosted academic exchanges with Shanghai University and Guangzhou University, thus gaining good social benefits.

Participating proactively, representatives in the meeting had agreed that the unity of TCM practitioners is the most effective way to meet opportunities and overcome challenges, thus consolidating the position of Chinese medicine industry. As of right now, every TCM associations will unite together to deal with big issues while each association has control in their own business in daily operation. The plantation of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has also raised a certain level of concern and has introduced in Canada where TCM participants have significant interests. But whether the quality is consistent or not, the standards of medicinal materials will require further observation and verification. The representative of the western medicine has shown their support for the development of TCM as well.

Upon the end of the conference, Haiying Yu, Consul of Science and Technology, left her contact details Should the public have any suggestions and ideas, please do not hesitate to contact her.

“Symposium for Presidents of TCM Associations” By Consul General Liu Fei

After the "Overseas Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine" press conference on November 16, 2016; Vancouver Consul General, Liu Fei, once again invited presidents from different traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) associations from greater Vancouver to the consulate for a symposium. As a result, 30 individuals were invited to attend the symposium which included the presidents and president’s representative from various TCM associations, Chinese Association and Alliance of Chinese Associations.

The symposium carried out a heated discussion on how to promote the development of TCM:

  1. Kwantlen Polytechnic University has established a traditional Chinese medicine program, showing the recognition of TCM in British Columbia. However, the program is now only offering acupuncture courses and the budget for setting up clinical practicum training has also been called off. This means that the development of Chinese medicine is still facing great obstructions. Although there are some acknowledgements and supports from some parliamentarians, we have to continue actively to engage with other parliamentarians, letting them understand and support Chinese medicine to defuse the hindrance.


  1. The representatives from various TCM associations had a consensus of striving for ICBC’s acceptance of Chinese medicine. At present, ATCMA is preparing the third round of meeting with ICBC, ahead of other associations.


  1. The solidarity and cooperation among associations has been a general trend. But there are two different opinions towards collaboration. The first one is the establishment of working mechanism as associations have their own operations. Therefore, when they encounter major issues, the associated union will lead all associations to work together. The second view is to include the associated union in the daily work routine specifically.


  1. The Chinese Association and Alliance of Chinese Associations representative expressed strong concern about the development of traditional Chinese medicine, and expressed their willingness to coordinate in traditional Chinese medicine-related activities.

Please support our members in CTCMA board election

Please support our following members who participate in CTCMA board election on November 7th 

1.YU, Weidong, Dr. TCM

Dr.Weidong Yu graduated from Shandong University of TCM is in1983. Practiced TCM in China,Europe,US,and BC,Canada in past 33 years. I was invited as WHO expert on international guide of acupuncture clinical practice in 2015. I love BC,Canada as well as TCM profession. I believe a stronger TCM profession is to the best interest of British Columbians. I am willing to volunteer my time and expertise for the betterness of public health through TCM.


2. TAN,Weijia, Dr. TCM

If I were a board member, I would like to become a bridge between the registrants and the CTCMA. I want to portray an accurate image of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to the public as a preventative, safe, and effective healthcare modality.  I will dedicate my resources to supporting the development of high standards for TCM education.  I would build a functional, transparent, and balanced board. I feel it is time for me to contribute to the TCM community and I am eager to do so.

She began practicing acupuncture in 1975 in China’s countryside as a bare-foot doctor. In 1983, she qualified as a TCM physician at the Nanjing University of T.C.M.

As an educator, Dr. Tan taught TCM in China Nanjing University of T.C.M. between 1983-1987, and has continued to do so in Canada since 1987. From 1994 to 2011 she taught at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver and was responsible for teaching various subjects of TCM as well as a director and supervisor of the student clinic.

Dr. Tan has been in private TCM practice in Canada since 1989, and is currently practicing out of her own clinic. She is currently registered as a Dr. TCM.  Her involvement with the CTCMA reaches back to its early stages including the development of Schedule E, various committee memberships, and participating as a Board director from January2014 until present.


3. SHI, Jin Hua, R.TCM.P.

I,  Jin Hua SHI, am honoured to have your members support and ask for your vote in the upcoming election for council member in Chinese Medical Acupuncture Administration Council on November 7th.

My  Guiding  Principles:

  • Seek political parties, the Government and the Community widely support to promote the Chinese Medicine practitioners into the mainstream society.
  • Advocates the Chinese and Western Medicine co-operation and collaborations. Make full use of all resources for enhancing exchange of knowledge and skills.
  • Promote Chinese Medicine with associations like ICBC and WCB. Strive for the establishment of youth Acupuncturists training program.
  • Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese Acupuncturists, allowing them to contribute to the society.
  • Advocates in the Chinese Medicine sector and flourish the greatness of Chinese culture in Canada.


4. CHU, Kuo Hsiang (Reagan) R.Ac.

National Defence Western Medical Centre

Culture Law College

Central Chinese Medicine College

Dr. of Taipei Veteran General Hospital


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Specialist

Dr. of Government Examination


5. LIU, Bao Di R.TCM.P.

President of Canada Association of Chinese Medicine Difficult and Complicated Diseases ( CACMD )

Vice Chair of Governance Committee of ATCMA ( Policies and Regulations )

The Volunteer Defender of the Students in the Events of BC TCM Students Examination

TCM Practitioner Diploma of Central College in BC.  Working in TCM profession for more than ten years. After received my Bachelor and Master Degree of Engineering, as a doctoral candidate, I had studied in the department of materials science and engineering of the Northwest Polytechnical University, China for three years from 1991 to 1994. After then,I worked in South China University of Technology and South China Science Institute of Electrostatic Technique in Guangzhou, China. I mainly researched the diffusive method of Chinese herbs on body surface under ionic action as a senior engineer in materials. I have systematically studied the Health Professions Act, the professional regulations, administrative and educational standards and procedures of TCM in BC. So, I know well the regulations and working procedures of TCM profession.

  • Being responsible to all TCM registrants, avoiding paying the huge compensation fees and lawyer fees because of not correctly dealing with the events of BC TCM students examination and registration.
  •  Improving the administration and work efficiency and reducing the registration fee. Making public the using plan of the surplus money and the choosing procedures of the members of the various committees.
  • According to the administrative regulations of health professions, promoting and helping the unification of the TCM associations.
  • To better protect the public and serve all registrants, We should continuously enhance TCM technical level, more reasonably design the TCM educational system and training courses, cooperating with the TCM associations, greatly enlarge TCM profession’s influence and expand the covering extent of MSP and companies’ insurance.

6. YU, Vincent D.PCM; R.TCM.P

I made a decision to join in this year's CTCMA election. I am a ATCMA member since it exists and was board member years. CTCMA board is very important place to represent our industry voice and protect our industry benefit and public. If I am elected ,I will stand in impartial position to express my opinion. so I really want to get support from our association.