How to Increase Your Revenue with MSP Benefits

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Date(s) - Mar 15, 2015
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Langara College


Time: 12pm to 1 pm (1 CEU)

Title: How to Increase Your Revenue with MSP Benefits

Language: English

Speaker: Ms. Olga Bukharova

Speaker Brief Bio:

Olga Bukharova has been in the business of MSP billing for many years. She is a registered MSP billing vendor and

creator of Claim Manager, popular MSP billing software for acupuncturists in B.C. Her expertise on the topic comes

from her own first-hand experience, experience of her customers and applicable laws and regulations.

Outline of presentation


How many needles need to be inserted to qualify for acupuncture treatment under MSP benefits? What is the best

way to submit MSP claims? How many times can you resubmit a declined claim? Can you bill MSP for treatments

provided to family members? Can you bill MSP for herbal therapy? What are the best practices of record keeping?

What is fraudulent billing? Learn what you always wanted to know about MSP billing for acupuncturists: the Do’s

and Don’ts of MSP billing.