Important Legal Principles that Practitioners Need to Know (Part II) – 執業者需要了解的重要法律原則之二

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Date(s) - Jan 25, 2015
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Langara College


Address: #A136a 100 West 49th Ave, Vancouver

Organizer: ATCMA

First lecture第一讲

Time: 10 am to 1 pm (3 CEU)

Title: Important Legal Principles that Practitioners Need to Know (Part II)

講座題目: 執業者需要了解的重要法律原則之二

Language: English中英文

Speaker讲员: Dr. Ben Cao曹寶琪高級中醫師

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Ben Cao obtained his Medical Doctor degree from the Medical School of Beijing University

in China. Since then, Dr. Cao has been a practicing physician and medical researcher for more

than 44 years. Dr. Cao was one of the first practitioners to integrate TCM with western medicine,

particularly in the area of acupuncture anesthesia. Dr. Cao was an attending physician at the

Department of Cardiology in China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, China. He was a

research scholar (Cardiologist) in Japan and the United States. Since coming to Canada in 1993,

Dr. Cao has dedicated vast amount of his time to the practice and promotion of TCM in British

Columbia as well as in Canada. Now Dr. Cao is the chair of CTCMA and the chair of

examination committee of CTCMA and CARB.


曹寶琪醫師早年畢業於北京大學醫學院醫療系。 從事醫學臨床與研究近45年, 致力於中西

醫結合, 特別是針刺麻醉研究。曾在北京中日友好醫院心內科工作, 在日本及美國醫學院

作過研究員。 曹寶琪醫師於1993年移民加拿大後, 一直致力於中醫在卑詩省及加拿大的發

展與推廣工作。 現在擔任卑詩省中醫針灸管理局主席, 卑詩省中醫針灸管理局及加拿大中


The purpose of the lecture: This lecture is to discuss issues on the ethical and legal framework

within which TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists practice in British Columbia.


The contents of the lecture: The lecture will continue to look at how proper communication

with patients and colleagues is fundamental to a professional practice. For example, informed

consent is not possible without communication. The lecture will then review the various laws

that practitioners are most likely to have to deal with in their practice.


交流。例如,沒有溝通, 就不可能得到知情同意。最後將探討執業者在執業中最有可能