ATCMA’s annual general meeting of this year was successfully held on 23 September 2018. The meeting underlined the following agenda:

President report:

President Dr. Fei Che commits to maintaining the relationship with the government, especially with ICBC. After several meetings with them, the ATCMA: ICBC Task Force has reached an agreement with ICBC to cover Acupuncture treatments without requiring a doctor’s note or pre-approval from ICBC. The fees paid to Acupuncturists will be released in the coming months but will like around $110 initial and $90 follow-up per treatment. This policy will be officially activated in April 2019. Also, ATCMA has been maintaining close and active relations with CTCMA. CTCMA decided to spend $130,000 promoting TCM on media and newsletter.

Moreover, we have collaborated with the BFL insurance company since BFL offered special rates to our valued ATCMA members. A few months ago, ATCMA office has moved to Canada Place to provide more space for professional meetings. Furthermore, in order to maintain a great relationship with other associations, ATCMA plan to hold an event in the near future and invite other associations to participate together.

In addition, our office director presented the ATCMA new website design. The homepage on our new website will focus on four main parts: upcoming events, news, seminars, and practitioners. Seminars page is for the online seminar, we provide a filter to help visitors easily find the specific online seminar; Practitioners page will provide member’s name, experience, and clinic information. Members can also manage their own personal information, transaction, and certificate on Member account. Lastly, Dr. Che has praised the 2016-2017 board in the effort of keeping the association running smoothly. Not to mention that a special honor was issued to one of our board member, Dr. Yan Bin Ma for her continuous effort who has volunteered to be in charge, communicate and negotiate with ICBC in the very beginning until 2016. The project was then finished between 2016 to 2018 by Dr. John Yang and Jason Tutt.


Financial report:

Our chair of the financial committee, Ms. Qu Yan has reported our financial report from August 2016 to July 2018. From August 2016 to July 2017, our bank ending balance was $112,772.92. And from August 2017 to July 2018, our bank ending balance was $122,129.12.


The election for new board members:

The 26 nominees were (ordered by the last name):

Pin Chiu (Dr. TCM), Kuo Hsiang Chu (R. Ac.), Li Juan Feng (R. Ac.), Jian Long Guo (R. Ac.), Sarah Jenkins (R. Ac.), Jung Wen Kuo (R. TCM. P.), Bao Di Liu (R. TCM. P.), Jia Xian Kevin Lu (R. TCM. P.), Yan Bin Ma (Dr. TCM), Glenn Morezewich (Dr. TCM), Yan Qu (Dr. TCM), Sarabjit Romana (R. TCM. P.), Shawn Poppi Sabhaney (R. Ac), Kevin Scrimgeour (R. Ac.), Shirley Shaw (R. Ac.), Andre CC Shih (R. Ac.), Andrew Roderick Taylor (Dr. TCM), Jean-Paul Thuot (R. Ac.), Jason Tutt (R. Ac.), Yuan Jun Wang (R. Ac.), Clayton Willoughby (R. Ac.), Ying Sheng Wu (Dr. TCM), John Yang (Dr. TCM), Chen Ling Yeh (Dr. TCM), Sung Soo Yoon (Dr. TCM), Lan Zhang (R. TCM. P.)

After a round of anonymous ballots, we have elected the following individuals to become part of the new board:

Sarah Jenkins, Jia Xian Kevin Lu, Yan Bin Ma, Glenn Morezewich, Yan Qu, Sarabjit Romana, Andre CC Shih, Andrew Roderick Taylor, Jean-Paul Thuot, Jason Tutt, Clayton Willoughby, John Yang and, Sung Soo Yoon.

During the first board meeting, the new board has voted and agreed to have Jason Tutt to serve as the new president of ATCMA.

Jason Tutt has appointed the elected individual to their positions and has been approved by the board. The assigned positions are as follows:

President: Jason Tutt

Vice President: John Yang and Jia Xian (Kevin) Lu

Secretary: Jia Xian (Kevin) Lu

Executive Committee: Jason Tutt, John Yang, Sarah Jenkins, Sung Soo Yoon, Andre Shih, Clayton Willoughby, Yan Qu

Chair of Membership Committee: Jean-Paul Thout

Chair of Public Relations Committee: Sarabjit Romana

Chair of Academic & Education Committee: John Yang

Chair of Website Committee: Yan Qu

Chair of WorkSafeBC Committee: Jason Tutt

Chair of Insurance Committee: Andrew Taylor

Chair of Advocacy Committee: Sarah Jenkins

Chair of Scope of Practice Committee: Andrew Taylor

Chair of Budget Committee: Yan Qu