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Congratulations to Jason Tutt, R.Ac. and Jocelyn Stanton (public board member) for their appointment to our new college board!


We feel it’s important to clarify some questions that have come up regarding this next step toward the amalgamation of our regulatory college.


As you know, our new college—College of Complementary Health Professionals of BC (C4)—will be officially replacing the CTCMA and colleges of the naturopaths, massage therapists, and chiropractors in our amalgamation that occurs on June 28, 2024.

The BC government (Minister of Health) has appointed 12 board members made up of six public members and six registrant profession members. The MOH set a requirement to have at least one registrant member and no more than two registrant members from each of our four professions. You can see who was selected on the C4 website here: https://c4amalgamation.com/news/minister-of-health-appoints-board-members-for-new-college/


We have heard from some of you directly, and also through the grapevine, questioning about why we don’t have representation on the new board of someone who prescribes Chinese herbs and why there is no one of Chinese background/heritage from our TCM community. Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers to this. We don’t want to take away from the fact that both Jason and Jocelyn will do a wonderful job representing us and we’re happy to have them there.


However, we also believe that representation is key, and Chinese medicine has a cultural foundation that should be acknowledged. C4 has specifically written on their site: “In accordance with a Board composition matrix developed for the new college, Board members as a group bring diverse practice, lived experience, provincial geography, and professional skills to the table.”


We would have preferred (and really expected) that we would have had two registrant members, which would have allowed us more complete representation. Or at least two public members from our current board. However, that is not what the MOH chose to do, and we don’t know the full process by which selection was made.

The MOH and C4 states, “profession-specific inclusion at the Board level is not about representation,” meaning that the professions of the board shouldn’t make a difference about the level of influence for each health profession. Whether or not this will have an impact is yet to be determined.


Let us be clear, however: Jason Tutt is highly qualified and deserving of this position, as is Jocelyn Stanton. We believe they will ensure TCM has a place at the table, remembering, of course, that the mandate of any regulatory college is first, last, and always to protect the public, not the professions. We believe BOTH that they are excellent choices AND that we would have liked to have had a second registrant board member. Having said that, the board is chosen, and we must move forward together, not create more divisiveness that will work against us.


恭喜 Jason Tutt,R.Ac。和 Jocelyn Stanton(公共理事會成員)被任命為我們新監管局的理事會理事!




如您所知,我們的新監管局——卑詩省補充健康專業人士監管局 (C4)——將於 2024 年 6 月 28 日合併,正式取代 CTCMA 以及自然療法監管局、按摩治療師監管局和脊椎指壓治療師監管局。


BC 省政府(衛生部長)任命了 12 名理事會理事,其中包括 6 名公眾成員和 6 名註冊專業成員。衛生部規定,我們的四個專業領域中的每個專業必需有一名註冊成員,但不得超過兩名註冊成員。您可以在 C4 的網站上查看更多有關於誰被選中的信息:https://c4amalgamation.com/news/minister-of-health-appoints-board-members-for-new-college/




但我們也認為代表性是關鍵,中醫有文化基礎值得承認。 C4在其網站上專門寫道:“根據為新管理局制定的理事會分佈模型,理事會成員會作為一個整體帶來多樣化的實踐、生活經驗、省域地理和專業技能。”




MOH 和 C4 指出,“理事會層面的專業包容性與代表性無關”,這意味著理事會的專業不應該對每個健康專業的影響程度產生影響。這是否會產生影響尚待確定。


不過,讓我們明確一點: Jason Tutt非常有資格,也值得擔任這個職位, Jocelyn Stanton也是如此。我們相信他們將確保中醫在談判桌上佔有一席之地,當然要記住,任何監管局的使命首先、最後、也始終是保護公眾,而不是專業人士。但我們相信他們都是絕佳的選擇,我們希望有第二位註冊理事會成員。話雖如此,理事會已選出,我們必須一起前進,而不是製造更多對我們不利的分歧。