July 31st, 2020

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Many front line healthcare workers are having difficulty finding Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners or Doctors who will treat them because they may be working directly with or near COVID patients. It turns out that there is a specific BC Health Care Worker COVID-19 Exposures Risk Assessment Tool that HCW patients can use to self-assess, which helps clarify the conditions under which a HCW is assessed as “no risk” and therefore eligible to be treated in a clinic setting.
We are compiling a list of practitioners who are willing to treat “no risk” healthcare workers. If you would like to be added to the list, please send your name and clinic contact information to info@atcma.org. We will share this with representatives of HCW groups or individual HCW who ask us where they should look for treatment.

The BC Health Care Worker COVID-19 Exposures Risk Assessment Tool can be accessed here:



现许多医疗前线人员及在其附近工作的工作人员因有着可能直接与新冠状病毒患者接触危险,而面临找不到可给予他们治疗的针灸师和中藥師的困难。 目前,HCW患者可使用卑詩省特定的医护人员疫情暴露风险评估工具来进行自我评估。这对澄清并将HCW评估为“无风险”而有资格获得在诊所接受治疗的条件。

我们正在记录愿意治疗“无风险”医护人员的执业人员清单。 如果有需要添加到列表中的执业者,请您将您的姓名及诊所联系信息,地址,及网址(如果有的话) 发送至info@atcma.org 。 我们将会将其与询问我们应该在哪里寻求治疗的医护团体的代表及个体人员分享。


链接: http://www.bccdc.ca/health-professionals/clinical-resources/covid-19-care/testing-and-case-management-for-healthcare-workers
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