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Seminar 1: Using Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as an Example to Discuss Clinical Thinking in Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques

  • Speaker: Duan Ran
  • Language: Chinese
  • Date: May 12 (Sunday)
  • Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am


  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    1. Basic Concepts
    2. Clinical Examination
    3. Common Treatment Methods
  2. Clinical Thinking in Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques
    1. Thinking in Accordance with Physiology and Pathology
    2. Analysis of Wrist, Forearm, and Elbow Joint Structures
    3. Spatial and Temporal Analysis
    4. Clinical Thinking Guiding Treatment Plans
  3. Demonstration Videos of Techniques
  4. Treatment of Postoperative Patients
  5. Acupuncture and Medication Therapy
  6. Introduction to Auxiliary Rehabilitation Exercises
    1. Finger Twisting
    2. Forearm Rotation Exercise (Recommended with a 4-pound hammer)
    3. Correct Use of Hand Grippers
    4. Wrist Strengthener


Duan Ran




Duan Ran, a graduate of the Acupuncture and Tuina Department of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, has worked successively at the Beijing Daxing District Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, United Family Healthcare Guangqumen Clinic, Houpu Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, and Yuyuantang specializing in traditional Chinese orthopedics.


In his professional career, he has primarily followed Professor Ren Yuheng, a medical expert for the National Sports Administration and the Olympic Games, and practiced ancient massage techniques under the guidance of An Chunru and An Guanglin. He treats various common and difficult diseases, focusing on the prevention, maintenance, and rehabilitation of sports injuries for athletes of all professions.


Duan Ran apprenticed under Master Fu Weizhong of the Linji Sect of Mount Emei, studying and practicing traditional health preservation techniques. He also practices Wu-style Tai Chi under the guidance of Teacher Weng Fuqi and learns structural dynamic diagnosis and treatment methods from Guan Bingjun.


In clinical practice, he advocates for holistic treatment, adjusting the body’s structure to achieve the optimal mechanical state. He aims to provide treatment methods that are as comfortable and safe as possible, ensuring that patients can carry out their daily work, life, and exercise needs without pain or hindrance.






  • Date: May 26th (Sunday)
  • Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm PST Time
  • Speaker: Oran Kivity
  • Language: English
  • Method: Zoom



Is moxibustion too difficult to apply, too risky, or too smoky? Discover the effective new moxa method from Japan that will give you rapid results – safely.



Ontake is a contemporary moxibustion tool from Japan.  A piece of bamboo is filled with burning moxa wool which is then rolled, tapped, and pressed on the meridians. The rhythmic application of heat and pressure triggers rapid shifts in your patients’ body condition and mood.

The Ontake Method is a conceptual framework for applying Ontake developed by British acupuncturist Oran Kivity. It integrates ideas from Japanese acupuncture regarding channel palpation and deficiency excess, holographic mappings, and Dr Manaka’s meridian frequencies: applying stimulation to the body in time to a metronome. When applied with these ideas, Ontake can transform your practice, relaxing the muscles, relieving pain and calming the mind within minutes.



After attending the webinar, participants of the webinar will be able to:

•    Describe the origins of Ontake in the 1960s and list three main spheres of application: root, branch, adjunctive treatment.
•    Load, light, extinguish, clean, reload, relight Ontake
•    View supplementing and draining application methods, namely rolling, tapping and super-knocking on the skin with Ontake
•    Apply a theoretical model for the treatment of midline pain by pairing anatomical opposite points on the Ren, Du, kidney and bladder channels.
•    List contraindications of Ontake moxibustion


Speaker Bio:


British acupuncturist Oran Kivity trained in Europe, China, and Japan. In continuous practice since 1987, he specialised in Japanese methods and in 2000, was a founder member of Toyohari UK, the British branch of the Toyohari Association of Japan.


In recent years, he developed the Ontake Method, winning awards in 2014, from Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and in 2019, from Global Health Pharma for “most innovative new healing method”.


His books, Moxa in Motion and Hirata Zone Therapy received praise and recognition from acupuncture journals worldwide, including the Journal of Chinese Medicine and the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine. 


Oran lived and worked in Malaysia from 2005 till the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 when he moved to Taiwan. He now practises, writes, coaches and teaches from the southern port town of Kaohsiung, where he lives happily by a river, near a lake and close to the sea.


Note From Oran Kivity:

Please prepare the Ontake Bamboo Standard for this seminar. This will help you better understand the function of this method. You can purchase the product here:



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研讨会 1:以腕管综合症为例讨论中医技术中的临床思维

主讲人: 段然
语言: 中文
时间: 上午10:00 – 11:00


  1. 腕管综合征
    1. 基本概念
    2. 临床检查
    3. 常见治疗方法
  2. 中医手法临床思维
    1. 顺生理思维与顺病理思维
    2. 手腕、前臂、肘关节结构分析
    3. 空间、时间分析
    4. 临床思维指导治疗方案
  3. 手法视频演示
  4. 术后患者的治疗
  5. 针刺、药物治疗
  6. 辅助康复锻炼简介
    1. 捻指
    2. 前臂旋拧运动(推荐4磅锤子)
    3. 握力器的正确用法
    4. 腕力球






研讨会 2:ONTAKE 艾灸 101

主题: ONTAKE 艾灸 101
日期: 5月26日(星期日)
时间: 下午4:00- 下午7:00
主讲人: Oran Kivity
语言: 英文
方式: Zoom



Ontake 是一种现代艾灸工具,源自日本。一根竹子里装着燃烧的艾绒,然后在经络上滚动、轻敲和按压。热量和压力的有节奏应用会快速改变患者的身体状况和情绪。


Ontake 方法是由英国针灸师Oran Kivity开发的应用Ontake的概念框架。它整合了日本针灸的想法,包括关于经络的触诊和虚实辨证、全息图像、以及Dr Manaka’s 的经络频率:按照节拍器的节奏对身体施加刺激。当这些想法应用到Ontake上时,它可以改变你的实践方式,在几分钟内放松肌肉、缓解疼痛并平静思绪。



• 描述20世纪60年代Ontake的起源,并列出三个主要应用领域:根本、分支、辅助治疗。
• 装填、点燃、熄灭、清洁、重新装填、重新点燃Ontake。
• 查看辅助和引导应用方法,包括用Ontake在皮肤上滚动、轻敲和超重敲的方法。
• 应用一种理论模型来治疗中线疼痛,通过配对任、督、肾和膀胱经的解剖相反点位。
• 列出Ontake艾灸的禁忌。




英国针灸师Oran Kivity在欧洲、中国和日本接受过培训。自1987年以来一直从事连续的实践,专注于日本方法。2000年,他是Toyohari UK的创始成员,该组织是日本Toyohari协会在英国的分支机构。







请准备这门课程所需的Ontake Bamboo Standard。这样做可以更好地理解这种方法的功能。您可以在这里购买产品:


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