The Acupuncture and TCM profession are currently under the microscope due to the attention brought about by COVID-19, the ban on PIT and the cancellation of the Chinese PCE.  ATCMA members and fellow practitioners in BC are reminded to be sure that we are all practicing within our scope and following CTCMA rules.  Other allied health professions have been targeted for these issues, and we need to learn from their mistakes.  In particular, please ensure that you are:


1) practicing within the scope of your designation.  For example, herbal medicines are in your scope only if you have a license to prescribe them as a R.TCM.H., R.TCM.P. or Dr.TCM.


2) using only the title that you are licensed to use.  For example, titles such as “Dr” are not permitted unless you have an actual license as a “Dr.TCM” or other doctor license.  If you have another doctor-level license, make sure you clearly state the reference for this title.


3) not be recommending or providing medicines or therapies that are outside of your scope, or are experimental in nature. This puts you, and our entire profession, at risk of attracting negative attention.


If you are not sure what is/isn’t in your scope, please review the CTCMA Jurisprudence and Safety handbooks, it is all laid out clearly.  Please reach out to the CTCMA if you have any questions that are not answered by reviewing their written guidance.  As always, the ATCMA is here to help members who may have questions as well.


针灸和中医行业目前因新冠疫情的关注,PIT 的禁令,及中文PCE而引起了广泛关注。

在您指定的范围内练习。例如,仅当您具有能身为R.TCM.H.,R.TCM.P 或Dr.TCM的执业证书,才能将草药处方列进您的执业范围内。
仅使用您被许可使用的名号。例如,除非您具有作为“ Dr.TCM”证书的实际许可或其他医生许可,否则不允许使用诸如“ Dr”之类的名号。如果您还拥有其他医生级别的许可证,请确保及明确的说明此名号的参考记录。