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ICBC Enhanced Care Survey






May 1, 2023 marked the two-year anniversary of the implementation of ICBC Enhanced Care. We are conducting a survey of acupuncturists who serve patients with ICBC Enhanced Care injury claims so that we can better understand and evaluate the experience that acupuncturists have had under Enhanced Care.


Acupuncture treatment has been funded by ICBC since 2019 (thanks to the efforts of previous ATCMA board members). Prior to the Insurance Vehicle Regulation changes that came into effect on April 1, 2019, ICBC had a compensation-based model, which meant that people who were injured and not at fault for a crash could make a claim against the at fault driver’s insurance policy. ICBC could reimburse expenses incurred for treatments or therapies that were not covered by Accident Benefits, which included Acupuncture. Back then, these reimbursements came from the at fault driver’s insurance policy.



Now, crashes that occur on or after May 1, 2021, are managed in the care-based model called ICBC Enhanced Care. Under this model ICBC Recovery Specialists (previously called adjusters) can communicate directly with Acupuncture practitioners and patients. ICBC customers injured in a crash on or after May 1, 2021 are pre-approved for 12 treatment sessions with a Registered Acupuncture practitioner within the first 12 weeks after the crash. This is known as the ‘early access period’. Decision making on continuation of treatment after the early access period is now focused on functional progress and goals. Treatment extension requests are now processed through Treatment Plans submitted by practitioners through the ICBC website.


Since the implementation of the Enhanced Care model, the ATCMA has received many queries from members on various concerns, such as treatment plan rejections, claim/recovery specialists directing care, lengthy response times from ICBC and additional administrative workload. Your feedback provided a lot of anecdotal information, but we need data to better understand the experience practitioners have when they take on patients with ICBC Enhanced Care claims.


The following survey aims to collect data from ATCMA members and fellow CTCMA registrants who serve patients with ICBC Enhanced Care injury claims. The data collected through this survey will be aggregated and used to inform our advocacy practices with ICBC. Survey results will be useful to identify what is working and what requires changing or more support, such as additional resources or training on Treatment plans, or new initiatives on which the ATCMA and ICBC can collaborative.


The ATCMA meets with ICBC representatives two to four times a month and attends the quarterly meetings of the ICBC Health Care Provider Advisory Group. Our relationship manager and ICBC staff take action to address the concerns we share with them about individual patient files and general claim/recovery specialist behaviour, and we appreciate the improvements that have been made over the past months.


However, we wish to quantify the extent of the issues that our members and fellow practitioners have been facing since the implementation of Enhanced Care to ensure that they are being adequately understood, prioritized, and addressed. Survey results will provide all involved a baseline understanding of where we are today and where we want to be in the future.


This questionnaire will remain open until June 4, 2023.


Thank you for providing your input and for contributing to the conversation!


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Updated ICBC Funding Information for Acupuncturists



ICBC is sharing this communication with ATCMA members to clarify the funding procedures for Acupuncturists who treat ICBC customers.


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ICBC Enhanced Care調查




2023 年 5 月 1 日是“ICBC Enhanced Care”實施兩週年。 我們正在對為 ICBC Enhanced Care 傷害索賠患者提供服務的針灸師進行調查,以便我們更好地了解和評估針灸師在 Enhanced Care 下的體驗。


針灸治療自 2019 年以來一直由 ICBC 資助(感謝 ATCMA 前任董事會成員的努力)。 在 2019 年 4 月 1 日生效的《保險車輛條例》變更之前,ICBC 有一個基於賠償的模式,這意味著在車禍中受傷但沒有過錯的人可以針對有過錯的司機的保險單提出索賠 . ICBC 可以報銷意外福利未涵蓋的治療或療法所產生的費用,其中包括針灸。 當時,這些報銷來自過錯司機的保險單。


現在,2021 年 5 月 1 日或之後發生的車禍將在名為 ICBC Enhanced Care 的基於護理的模型中進行管理。 在這種模式下,ICBC Recovery Specialists(以前稱為調解員)可以直接與針灸師和患者進行交流。 在 2021 年 5 月 1 日或之後的車禍中受傷的 ICBC 客戶在車禍發生後的前 12 週內獲得了預先批准,可以接受註冊針灸師的 12 次治療。 這被稱為“早期訪問期”。 在早期訪問期後繼續治療的決策現在集中在功能進展和目標上。 治療延期請求現在通過從業者通過 ICBC 網站提交的治療計劃進行處理。


自 Enhanced Care 模式實施以來,ATCMA 收到了許多成員關於各種問題的詢問,例如治療計劃被拒絕、索賠/恢復專家指導護理、ICBC 的漫長響應時間以及額外的行政工作量。 您的反饋提供了很多信息,但我們需要數據來更好地了解從業者在接受 ICBC Enhanced Care 索賠患者時的經驗。



以下調查旨在收集 ATCMA 成員和其他 CTCMA 註冊人的數據,他們為 ICBC Enhanced Care 傷害索賠患者提供服務。 通過此次調查收集的數據將被匯總並用於告知我們與 ICBC 的宣傳實踐。 調查結果將有助於確定哪些有效,哪些需要改變或更多支持,例如額外資源或治療計劃培訓或 ATCMA 和 ICBC 可以合作的新舉措。


ATCMA 每月與 ICBC 代表會面兩到四次,並參加 ICBC 醫療保健提供者諮詢小組的季度會議。 我們的客戶經理和 ICBC 員工採取行動解決我們與他們分享的關於個別患者檔案和一般索賠/恢復專家行為的擔憂,我們感謝過去幾個月所取得的改進。


但是,我們希望量化我們的成員和同行從業者自實施增強護理以來一直面臨的問題的程度,以確保他們得到充分理解、優先考慮和解決。 調查結果將使所有相關人員對我們今天所處的位置以及我們未來的目標有一個基本的了解。


這份問卷將一直開放到 2023 年 6 月 4 日。



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