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Road Trip…Date change…Special Guest speakers!

    The ATCMA is excited to announce a FREE event for members in Kelowna on Sunday, September 7th,  2014 from 2-5PM.  We are very excited to announce that our special guest speaker for the afternoon will be Dr. BaoQi (Ben) Cao, the new Chair of the CTCMA.  Dr. Cao will be speaking about the CTCMA’s new Jurisprudence Handbook. It is a valuable tool for all of us and he is looking forward to introducing it to us.   This is an unprecedented opportunity


继续教育讲座简报   在2015年7月12日的继续教育讲座中,ATCMA邀请到华人一手《软组织损伤徒手疗法》的创始人——李建民医生在Langara College讲授并现场演示了软组织损伤徒手疗法。这次讲座是李建民医生自7月8日开始在温哥华授课的最后一讲,将近50名会员到场听课观摩。 In the workshop on July 12, ATCMA invited Dr. Jianmin Li, the founder of the “Manual Therapy Approach in Treating Soft Tissue Injuries”, to teach and demonstrate this therapy approach at Langara College. This workshop was the last session of Dr. Li’s lecture tour in Vancouver since July 8. There were  almost 50 members attended the lecture.   据报道,超过1/4的加拿大居民患有各种痛证,其中很多人得不到西医体系的有效帮助,或者仅靠应用止痛药控制疼痛,但中医在治疗痛证方面有着独到的优势。华人一手《软组织损伤徒手疗法》正是以治疗全身肌肉疼痛为主,包括脊椎和四肢关节疼痛,并治疗由肌痛症引起的各种内科相关症状。 According to the report, over 1/4 of  Canadian suffer all types of pain, among them many could not get effective cure from western

CTCMA board elections

Deadline is September 25th, 2015 – 截止日期:2015年9月25日 Dear ATCMA Members, As you may know that CTCMA will be holding elections for their board members. A total of 9 are on the board with 6 elected from the registrants. Being on this board means that you can be a voice for the decisions made for the members and a direct part of any change. We would like to see if anyone is interested from our membership to stand up for the CTCMA board elections:

Tasly Lunch Workshop Salon

Dear ATCMA Members, 親愛的ATCMA會員, Tasly Lunch Workshop SalonTime: 13:00-14:00, Sunday, June 21st, 2015 Address: #A122a 100 West 49th Ave, Langara College, Vancouver Subject: Tasly Product communication workshop Organizer: Tasly International (Canada) LimitedDuring more than one year cooperation with ATCMA, Tasly obtained much support and great kindness from many members of ATCMA. If you have some questions when using Tasly’s products or you want to learn more about our products, we hereby hold an informal lunch workshop salon. During this workshop salon, our experienced medical consultant


Recently, it was brought to the attention of the British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners [ATCMA] that one of its members was suspended by the regulating body, the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia [CTCMA] as a consequence of a patient safety issue as reported by the Fraser Health Authority [FHA] in Abbotsford, BC. Last week the FHA issued an advisory for patients who have received acupuncture treatments from Ms. Duan (Deborah)

Updates from 2015 Board

Dear all ATCMA members, Your elected board started work on the day of the September 28th AGM by electing Dr. Fei Che as the President.  By the October 21st board meeting all positions were established. Here is the list. Your board will keep working hard on leading our association to be strong. ATCMA Board 2015 Position    Duty President: Fei Che    Comply with bylaws Vice Presidents:First:     William Hardman    Comply with bylaws Second:     John Yang    Comply with bylaws President’s Special Assistant: Baodi Liu    Negotiate with other associationsSecretary:

Agenda for the First Annual General Meeting 2014

ATCMA AGM 2014 卑诗省中医针灸协会 2014 会员大会 Agenda 大会议程 0900~1000 AGM registration 0900~1000 会议注册 1000~1200 CE event (accept urgent proxy by 10:00 a.m.) 1000~1200 免费继续教育活动 (上午10时截止接受紧急委托书) 1200~1300 Lunch 1200~1300 午餐 1300~1330 Final registration 1300~1330 最后会议注册 1330~1700 AGM: 1330~1700 正式会员大会: 1330~1345 Meeting called to order and approval of the agenda; 1330~1345 会议召集,议程确认 1345~1400 President’s report; 1345~1400 会长报告 1400~1420 Governance Committee report and Resolutions; 1400~1420 管理委员会报告及修正案表决 1420~1450 Special report by Joe Ranallo 1420~1450 特别报告 报告人:Joe Ranallo 1450~1510 Financial, Education and Membership committee reports; 1450~1510 财务、教育、会员委员会报告 1510~1525 PR committee and ICBC task force report 1510~1525 公共关系委员会及ICBC专案组报告 1525~1530 Break; 1525~1530 休息 1530~1630 Discussion panel (1 hr CE credit); 1530~1630