As the CTCMA announced in January, CARB-TCMPA will stop offering the Pan Canadian Examinations in Chinese (simplified or traditional) after October this year.  Understandably, ATCMA members are disappointed, confused and upset.


From what the ATCMA administration can gather, the decision was made purely because of cost.  While we understand that it is not reasonable for CARB-TCMPA to lose money on any programme, we believe that CARB-TCMPA should have consulted stakeholders in the TCM and Acupuncture community in BC before they made this decision.  No alternatives were offered or discussed before this unilateral decision was made – we don’t know if they were, because no explanation was offered by CARB-TCMPA.



The ATCMA administration has spoken with the CTCMA to understand their position and plans.  The CTCMA board will be discussing options to address this change during their March 2021 board meeting, so the ATCMA administration will follow up with the CTCMA after that meeting.


In the meantime, we are sharing a petition that was started on asking CARB-TCMPA to reconsider the decision to terminate the Chinese version of the Pan Canadian exam in BC.  The petition raises important questions and makes some valid points.  Our members have expressed a wide variety of reasons for wanting to retain the Chinese exam, but most who have shared their views agree that it should be retained.  Please share this petition with your colleagues and friends:






ATCMA的理事会已与CTCMA进行了深入交谈以了解其立场和对应计划。 CTCMA理事会将在2021年3月的理事会会议上讨论如何解决此项巨大改动。因此,ATCMA的管理层将在会议之后跟进CTCMA。