Comments Regarding the “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu Bringing a Crushing Blow to BC Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Community

1. Unbearable Consequence from the “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu

On June 26 of 2017, the statement from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council) solemnly pointed out Kuo Hsiang Chu, a recently elected board member, and his supporters will pose a threat to the future of the existence of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA). On June 27, Mary s. Watterson, Registrar of CTCMA, also seriously stated: “if CTCMA is disbanded, the credibility, professional reputation, and respect earned during the past two decades will also be destroyed, and then rebuilding these will take decades efforts”.

Kuo Hsiang Chu incited a minority of TCM acupuncturists to extensively carry out his signature campaign for the “Recall Revolution” .The “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu caused a serious confusion. It seems that most of the registered TCM doctors do not support the CTCMA’s authority to take the management responsibility for the BC’s TCM industry. But is this true? If the current CTCMA is disbanded, the BC Ministry of Health will withdraw the authority of self-regulation away from the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry, and then will appoint a new administration staff composed primarily of public members to take the responsibility of management away from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture group. Would the BC Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group like to see that happen?

If our Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture members don’t stand together to stop the “Recall Revolution”, the following grave consequences will happen:

1.1. The public will undertake the positions of board members of TCM and the renewal fees forTCM acupuncturists and doctors will be increased to pay for all the expenses for the salaries of the public council, directors, and staffs.

1.2. Because the public council isn’t familiar with TCM industry, it will have to hire lawyers to deal with most of the work. All the extra fees will have to be paid by the TCM acupuncturists and doctors. The “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu is a void cheque for lowering renewal fees.

1.3. The behavior of Kuo Hsiang Chu makes Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group lose both its credibility and reputation. Insurance companies will cancel or decrease acupuncture insurance, then we will lose the trust from our patients and our income will decrease as well. So will the “Recall Revolution” help the TCM industry?

1.4. The “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu will lead the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group out of the government control. When this happens, students in TCM colleges and institutions will lose the opportunity to apply for and receive government loans.

1.5. The “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu causes censure from the pubic and destroys the TCM’s industry image. Is Kuo Hsiang Chu a hero? Is he representing our benefit?

1.6. The “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu will help the “simple acupuncture” of physiotherapists and other non TCM therapists to compete with TCM acupuncture. Through legislation, all the effort of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group will fail to come true. The survival place of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture group will be destroyed by the “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu.

2.Kuo Hsiang Chu violated the rules and regulations of the CTCMA and the ethics of the professionals

Thinking about the “Four Major Concerns and Five Resolutions” mentioned by Kuo Hsiang Chu and his supporters, we agree that there are shortcomings in CTCMA such as increasing renewal fees, high financial expenses, less investment in improvement of professional level and medical quality, and the need to invest more in TCM education. We can point out all these issues and ask the CTCMA to improve them. Also, we should see that the CTCMA makes lots of efforts to benefit every TCM members. We should recognize the achievement already made by the CTCMA. These achievements include the following issues: the establishing regulations and the planning of the TCM industry, the win over legislations, the insurance of public health and safety, the improving of the credibility of TCM industry, the promotion of the development and progress of the TCM industry. Because these achievements are primary, we will make efforts to remedy the shortcomings. As a new board member of CTCMA, Kuo Hsiang Chu should help CTCMA to correct shortcomings with kindness if he really tries to fight for benefit of TCM acupuncturists and doctors. He can make a remarkable achievements in CTCMA through studying the rules and regulations of the CTCMA, researching and investigating the realities of situation, communicating experience with senior members and exchanging suggestions, then making proposals for the Council to address. If Kuo Hsiang Chu complies with reasonable and legal procedures, he can make achievement both in the reform and development of CTCMA. We trust issues will be solved and the CTCMA and TCM industry will usher a better development in the future under the support from most of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and board of members.

Unfortunately, Kuo Hsiang Chu completely failed to comply with reasonable and legal procedures to figure out issues. He never offers his opinion and suggestions at the board meetings, but declares irresponsible comments after the meetings. He doesn’t follow regulations of council and breaches his promises. This is not new story. Before two years ago, he was dismissed from ATCMA council. His dismissal was approved by all the board members because he had breached his promises and had violated the council regulations.

After he joined the CTCMA Council, he didn’t change his previous behavior and even turned worse. The Council, which found that his issues had already negatively affected their work, tried to help him to improve, but he ignored their emails, phone notifications, and meeting calls. He is just stubborn on his way.

3. “Recall Revolution” violate nomocracy

In the “Five Resolutions” of the “Recall Revolution”, Kuo Hsiang Chu chose to remove two of the CTCMA board members: Bao Qi CAO and Weijia Tan. He did this without providing any factual reasons or legal testimony to support his action. This recall doesn’t make sense under legal principles. The action of the “Recall Revolution” has attacked the reputation and personal rights of Bao Qi CAO and Weijia Tan.

We want to ask TCM fellows who participated in the action of the “Recall Revolution” signature collection whether you consulted your lawyers about the legality of the action.

Kuo Hsiang Chu hid the truth and pulled the deceived fellows into a lawsuit that is completely untenable in jurisprudence. This behavior can severely harm the benefit of signers.

The purpose of Kuo Hsiang Chu and his supporters is to create a bunch of false and trumped up charges against Bao Qi Cao and Weijia Tan and then deny the work of the Council because Bao Qi Cao is the president of CTCMA. This must imperil the existing privileges of self-regulation. This is not a joke. The government has already withdrawn the privileges of the self-regulatory status from the BC Real Estate Brokerage industry and the Beauty industry. These are lessons drawn from others’ mistakes. Because of this, we should bring our high attention to them.

4. Seriously treat the cardinal issue of right or wrong

Very few TCM practitioners sympathized with the “Recall Revolution” of Kuo Hsiang Chu because Kuo Hsiang Chu drew on their earnest desire for CTCMA reforms. However, these people didn’t seriously consider the grave consequences from the “Recall Revolution”. We support and advocate all the reasonable and correct opinions with good intention and will comply with legal procedure to carry out with the CTCMA. But we resolutely oppose and resist any vicious attacks, illegal procedures, and unreasonable requirements. The standard of supporting and advocacy of the privileges of self-regulation is bringing issues to CTCMA Council and figure out the issues in the Council.

5.The “Recall Revolution” seriously harms the BC TCM reputation and its international image

It is well-known, that the BC TCM group has already obtained a fruitful achievement and has become a flag indicating a leading position in the oversea TCM industry development and example. The representatives from different countries and cities come to Vancouver to study and communicate about BC TCM industry development and the successful experience of TCM legislation. If the BC TCM industry retrogress, we will lose the leading position of TCM development and have a negative influence on the overseas development of the TCM industry.

Currently, the Chinese government promulgated the “Traditional Chinese medical law” and TCM is moving into the world through the “One Belt and One Road” system. Overseas, Traditional Chinese Medicine is rushing forward with unprecedented scale and overwhelming momentum. We resolutely resist any countercurrent to the development of the overseas Chinese Medicine and internal disorder.

6.Resisting the “Recall Revolution”, will safeguard our vital interests.

The BC TCM industry is in critical moment with its fate in our hands. If our TCM participators become a common unity to deeply learn the perniciousness of the “Recall Revolution” and maintain the excellent situation of the TCM industry in the BC province, we must be able to resist this counter-current of the “Recall Revolution” and successfully reach the other side of victory!

Yours Sincerely,

ATCMA Board committee 卑詩省中医针灸师公会理事会, UATCMABC Board committee卑詩省中医針灸師联合会理事会 and Shi, Jin Hua石精華 (Chairman of CACRA加拿大中医抗肿瘤学会会长)


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