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Theory and Practice of Pulse-regulating Technique from Ling Shu ; 刺之要,气至而有效

June 24, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Detailed informations are as follows:

Location / 地点 : Langara College
Address / 地址 : Room A136b, 100 West 49th Ave, Vancouver

Parking rate / 停车费 : $3.50 flat rate all day

Organizer / 主办单位 : ATCMA
Time / 时间 : 2:00pm-5:00pm

Afternoon/ 第二部分: 2:00pm – 5:00pm (3 CEU)

Topic/题目 : Theory and Practice of Pulse-regulating Technique from Ling Shu ; 刺之要,气至而有效

Language/语言 : Mandarin Only ; 中文

Speaker/演讲者 : Dr. Pan Xiaochuan ; 潘晓川教授


Acupuncture Spirit is a pulse-regulating technique from Ling Shu theory of “acupuncture is all about regulating Qi”. “Before needling, doctors have to feel the pulse first, then do the treatment according to the Qi’s condition.” The purpose of this technique is to change the patients pulses according to practitioner’s needs. Therefore it achieves the result of “The importance of needling is to gain Qi feelings to get the result. The result comes as quick as wind blows clouds.” This technique is characterized by treatment based on Qi;being simple as Great Dao; smaller and fewer needles are used to gain the strongest result from mildest stimulation; balancing the pulses and skip symptoms.

针灵是根据“用针之类,在于调气 ”的灵枢思想所产生的针灸调脉技术,而“凡将用针,必先诊脉,视气之剧易,乃可以治也。”针灵的目的,就是根据医者的意愿改变患者的脉象,从而达到“刺之要,气至而有效,效之信,若风之吹云”的目的,其特点是:辨气论治,大道至简;针小而少,至柔则刚;无问其病,以平为期。

Speaker’s Brief Bio/演讲者简介:

Independent scholar, researcher, practioner and educator of classical Chinese medicine;founder of self-consistent system of classical Chinese medicine;Now live in Vancouver.
Professional Title: DTCM (Canada), Vice-director Physician and Professor (China)

Education: Bachelor degree: Heilongjinag University of TCM

Master degree: Dalian Medical University


1. Classical Chinese Medicine Made Visible (English), 2013;
2. Acupuncture in Three Dimensional Self-consistent System (Chinese),2014;
3. Herbal Therapy in Three Dimensional Self-consistent System (Chinese) 2014.
4. Yi Jing for Chinese Medincine (Chinese), 2016





1, 图说经典中医(英文版),2013年

2, 针灵,2014年

3, 药精,2014年

4, 天道易经,2016年


Cost / 费用:
ATCMA members: free; 会员免费

Non-ATCMA member: $15/hour; 非会员$15/小时

Sign-up/报名:请致电(Tel):(604) 428-6226 或电邮(email): info@atcma.org


June 24, 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Langara College
Room A122a, 100 West 49th Ave,
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