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Treating Complex Pain and Addictions with Bio-Electrode Therapy| 使用生物电极疗法以治疗复杂性疼痛及成瘾

July 19, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

The next continuing education seminar is scheduled for July  19th, 2020

Detailed information is as follows:

Participation /参与方式: Zoom Webinar

Organizer /主办单位: ATCMA

Time / 时间 : 10:00am-5:00pm

Cost / 费用:
ATCMA members: free;会员免费

Non-ATCMA member: $15/hour; 非会员$15/小时


Sign-up/报名:请致电(Tel):(604) 428-6226 或电邮(email): info@atcma.org

Note: The link will be provided closer to the date of the seminar on July 17th. To obtain a link you must register with the office prior to the seminar date.

注意: 此网络讲座将会开放给已报名的会员。该链接将在7月17日之前提供。如若您感兴趣获得链接, 请务必在讲座日期之前联系办公室注册。

报名截止时间/Sign-up Deadline:
2:00 pm, Wednesday, July 15th; 7月15日, 星期三,下午 2:00

Morning/上午 : 10:00am – 1:00pm (3 CEUs)

Topic: Treating Complex Pain and Addictions with Bio-Electrode Therapy

Language: English

Speaker:  Les Moncrieff;


He has developed a new technique called Bio-electrode Therapy. This therapy is a non-pharmacological and safe adjunctive therapy currently being successfully trialed for relieving opioid withdrawal symptoms as well as many types of complex pain. Applying tiny copper and silver ink or metal disc electrodes on specific acupuncture points (primarily Jing-Well points) generates an ionic charge, creating an electrophysiological response in injured and diseased cells and tissues. This microcurrent provides an enhanced healing of cells and tissues, resulting in a balancing of electrolyte levels, removal of toxins, and re-establishment of homeostasis. The resultant effect is a significant and rapid reduction and often complete elimination of withdrawal symptoms and pain.


Speaker’s Brief Bio:

Les Moncrieff has been employed as a health care professional for the British Columbia Health Authorities for the past 35 years. As a Registered Acupuncturist since 2000, his specialty is the treatment of addiction and complex pain. Les integrates a wide variety of CAM therapies such as hypnotherapy, energy psychology and various styles of acupuncture in his clinical practice. Les has developed a treatment method called Bio-Electrode therapy in which copper and silver electrode discs or inks are used as an acupuncture point stimulus method to harness the endogenous electrical properties of the body. No needles or electrical devices are required. Based on his clinical experience combining the science of electrophysiology with Chinese medicine meridian theory, an innovative new therapy is now evolving. For the past several years Les has been using Bio-Electrode therapy effectively for the treatment of drug addiction, primarily for opiate withdrawal and complex pain in Vancouver detox centers, community outpatient clinics and treatment programs. Les was a NADA trainer for several years.



第二部分: 上午10点00分 至 下午1点00分 (3 CEU)

主题: 使用生物电极疗法以治疗复杂性疼痛及成瘾

语言: 英文

演讲者: Les Moncrieff;


Les Moncrieff 开发了一种称为生物电极疗法的新技术。 该疗法是一种非药物安全的辅助疗法,目前已成功用于缓解阿片类药物戒断症状以及多种类型的复杂疼痛。 在特定的穴位(主要是井穴)上施加微小的铜和银墨水或金属圆盘电极会产生离子电荷,从而在受伤和患病的细胞和组织中产生电生理反应。 这种微电流增强了细胞和组织的愈合,从而实现了电解质水平的平衡,毒素的去除以及体内平衡的重建。 产生的效果是显着且快速的减轻,并且通常可以完全消除戒断症状和疼痛。


在过去的35年中,Les Moncrieff被聘为卑诗省卫生局的卫生保健专业人员。自2000年以来,他是一名注册针灸师,并擅长治疗成瘾和复杂性疼痛。 Les在其临床实践中整合了多种CAM治疗方法,例如催眠疗法,能量心理学及各种针灸技术。 Les并研发了一种称为生物电极疗法的治疗方法,以铜和银电极盘或墨水用作穴位刺激,并利用其人体的内源性电特性。则免除针或电气设备。基于他的电生理学与中医经络理论相结合的临床经验,一种创新的新疗法正在不断发展。在过去的几年中,Les在温哥华戒瘾中心,社区门诊及治疗程序中,一直在有效地利用生物电极疗法来治疗药物成瘾,鸦片戒断和复杂性疼痛。 Les曾担任NADA培训师数年。

(Academic/Education Committee – John Yang; 学术,教育委员会-杨光芳)


July 19, 2020
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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