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Using Cannabis as Medicine | 医用大麻的使用

February 24, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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The next continuing education seminar is scheduled for February 24, 2019.

Detailed information is as follows:

Location /地点: Langara College

Address /地址: Room A136a, 100 West 49th Ave, Vancouver

Parking rate /停车费: $3.50 flat rate all day

Organizer /主办单位: ATCMA

Time / 时间 : 2:00pm-5:00pm

Cost / 费用:
ATCMA members: free;会员免费

Non-ATCMA member: $15/hour; 非会员$15/小时

Sign-up/报名:请致电(Tel):(604) 428-6226 或电邮(email): info@atcma.org

Afternoon (2:00pm-5:00pm) : (3 CEU)

Topic:  Using Cannabis as Medicine

Language: English

Speaker: Dr. William O. Hardman


Since the legalization of medicinal cannabis in 2001 by the Canadian Government an increasing percentage of the population have an interest in how to best use this natural plant to address their health issues. At this time, it is outside our scope of practice to prescribe medicinal cannabis, and the intent of this lecture is to provide you scientifically proven information so you can better answer questions you may receive from your patients. It is of upmost importance that we stay within the limitations of our current scope of practice to protect the integrity of our profession.

This lecture will cover some of the benefits, myths, and barriers around the medicinal use of Cannabis. We’ll talk about the history of the plant following a brief overview time line from the oldest written description of Cannabis, circa 2350 B.C. to modern day. We’ll talk about the Endocannabinoid System in the human body and how it works and explain the location and function of the Type 1 (CB1) and Type 2 (CB2) receptors.

Science has proven the pharmaceutics of Cannabis and identified over 400 different compounds which are the phytocannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids that are found in the numerous varieties grown all over the world. We’ll discuss some of the ailments that have been scientifically proven to respond to medicinal cannabis, and what the best uses and/or combinations of THC and CBD are. You will learn about the “Entourage Effect” and why less is usually more effective, depending upon the individual “threshold”.

We’ll talk about the medical risks of Cannabis use and how to avoid them. I’ll talk about how I was able to avoid pharmaceuticals and accelerate my recovery from a recent total knee replacement surgery using medicinal cannabis and Chinese herbs. In conclusion I’ll present an overview of a couple of case histories where patients combined medicinal cannabis and TCM to heal their cancer.

Speaker’s Brief Bio:

Since graduating with distinction from the Canadian College of Chinese Studies in Victoria, BC in 1991, Dr. Hardman has practiced continuously for the past 28 years. In his practice “Dr. Bill” has extensive experience in treating acute and chronic pain, allergies, cancer, complex digestive ailments including Crohn’s disease and IBS, immune enhancement, nutritional counseling, soft tissue injuries including sports injuries and whiplash, stress headaches and migraines, and women’s health issues including gestational care. He has also provided serious illness management to patients in the Vancouver General Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU); and he has provided palliative care at both Burnaby General and Eagle Ridge hospitals Extended Care units.

As a public spokesperson for the profession, Bill has been interviewed as a guest Acupuncture expert on both CBC and on CKNW radio. As well, he has served as guest host for the popular “House Calls” program on CKNW.
He has been a featured speaker on specialty acupuncture techniques at two International Conferences on Traditional Chinese Medicine and he is a popular presenter of Continuing Education topics for his profession. Bill has taught at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Victoria and he taught Western Medicine for Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shanghai College of TCM in Burnaby, BC. His experience as an athlete and a coach of Canada’s National Sport Parachuting Team sparked his initiative to become a co-founder and charter member of the Sport Acupuncturists Group of British Columbia – gaining recognition from Sports Med BC.

After medical cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2001, he started receiving information requests from patients, and wanting to be able to provide factually informative answers, Dr. Bill started researching the truth about this magnificent healing plant that had been wrongfully discredited for almost a decade. In his lecture he will share some of the key scientific evidence about the beneficial aspects and the pharmacokinetics of cannabis medicine.



第二部分: 下午2点00分 至 下午5点00分 (3 CEU)

主题: 医用大麻的使用

语言: 英文

演讲者: Dr. William O. Hardman


自1991年从不列颠哥伦比亚省的加拿大中国研究学院毕业以来,在过去的28年里Dr.hardman一直在不断的在执业。在他的实践中, “Dr . Bill ” 在治疗急性和慢性疼痛、过敏、癌症、包括克罗恩病和 IBS 在内的复杂消化系统疾病、免疫增强、营养咨询、软组织损伤 (包括运动受伤及跌打损伤), 压力头痛和偏头痛, 以及妇女的健康问题 (包括妊娠护理) 方面拥有丰富的经验。他还为温哥华总医院重症监护室 (ICU) 的病人提供了重大疾病管理;他还在Burnaby总医院和Eagle Ridge医院的延伸护理单位提供延缓治疗。
作为该行业的公众发言人, Bill接受了作为 CBC 和 CKNW 电台的客座针灸专家采访。同样, 他还曾担任过 CKNW 热门 “House Calls “节目的嘉宾主持人。
他曾在两次中医药国际会议上担任针灸专业技术演讲嘉宾, 并在其继续教育专业主题中担任演讲嘉宾 并广受欢迎。Bill 曾在维多利亚的the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine任教, 并在Burnaby的上海中医学院教授西医。他作为加拿大国家体育跳伞队的运动员和教练的经验激发了他成为不列颠哥伦比亚省运动针灸小组联合创始人和特许会员的倡议者并获得Sports Med BC.的认可。
2001年, 医用大麻在加拿大合法化后, 他开始收到病人希望能够提供对于大麻的真实信息的请求,Dr .Bill 开始研究这个被错误地理解了将近十年的治疗植物的真相,。在他的讲座中, 他将分享一些关于大麻对医学有益方面和药代动力学的关键科学证据。


自加拿大政府于2001年将药用大麻合法化以来, 越来越多的人口开始对如何更好地利用这种天然植物来解决其健康问题而感兴趣。目前, 药用大麻的处方已超出了我们的执业范围, 本讲座的目的是为您提供科学证明的信息, 以便您可以更好地回答关于您可能从您的患者收到的问题。最重要的是,我们要在目前执业范围的限制范内, 以保证我们职业的专业性。

本次讲座将讨论大麻药用的一些好处、谣言和障碍。我们将讨论大麻的历史, 按照一个简短的概述时间线, 从最古老的书面描述,(约公元前2350年,) 到现代。我们将讨论人体内膜大麻素系统及其工作原理, 并解释1型 (cb1) 和2型 (cb2) 受体的位置和功能。

科学已经证明了大麻的药代动力学, 并确定了400多种不同的化合物, 而这些化合物(植物大麻素、类固醇和黄酮类化合物,)都可在世界各地种植的众多品种中找到。我们将讨论一些已被科学证明对药用大麻有反应的疾病, 以及四氢大麻酚和《生物多样性公约》的最佳用途和组合是什么。你会了解到 “恩图拉格效应”, 以及, 这取决于个人的 “门槛”,为什么少一点通常更有效。

我们将讨论大麻使用的医疗风险以及如何避免它们。我将谈谈我在最近的一个完全膝关节置换手术中,如何在避免药物的情况下使用药用大麻和中草药而加快我的恢复。最后, 我将概述几个患者将药用大麻和中医结合起来治疗癌症的案例史。

(Academic/Education Committee – John Yang ; 学术,教育委员会-杨光芳)


February 24, 2019
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Langara College
Room A122a, 100 West 49th Ave,
Vancouver, BC Canada
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