GST/HST – Acupuncture exempted from tax in new Federal Budget

Another long and hard fought battle has been won by our profession – Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office confirmed the following good news in the Federal budget announcement Tuesday, Feb 11th:

GST/ HST -新联邦的税务预算已将针灸的GST免除

经历漫长而艰辛的斗争,中医行业又赢得了一次胜利-2月11日星期二: 财政部长,Jim Flaherty办公室已经证实联邦预算公布的以下消息:

Page 197 of the Budget discusses “Health Related Tax Measures”. Minister Flaherty will be exempting acupuncturists’ professional service from the GST/HST. More information on this measure can be found in Annex 2 on page 320.

第197页的财政预算案的讨论“健康相关税收措施”。Flaherty部长将从GST/ HST税收中豁免针灸师的专业服务。在这一措施的更多信息见320页的附件二。

Members please note, this change does NOT take effect immediately, but we will advise when it does. This important change has come about through working together – proof of the potency of a single, focussed voice. A dedicated group of colleagues have been working toward this goal for over 4 years, investing countless hours of personal time as well as their own money to attend meetings all over the country as they worked to repeal this unfair tax. With the generous support of Senator Yonah Martin

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate

Yonah Martin

C — British Columbia