Take action in expressing your concerns regarding the proposed changes to the regulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture practices in British Columbia!


Base on the discussions and feedback with our members, fellow associations, and practitioners, we have identified the following key points of concern within our industry:



Key Points of Concern: 


  • Keeping Chinese Herbs as a Restricted Act: Currently, Chinese herbal medicine (TCM) is not being treated as a restricted act, which poses significant concerns. To rectify this, it is important to raise your concerns with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and your MLA. Chinese herbal medicine should be a restricted act to ensure proper regulation and safeguarding of our practices.
  • Supporting CTCMA’s 2017 Scope of Practice including PIT : TCM was promised an updated scope of practice and the MOH should be held accountable to this prior to amalgamation. This is unfair treatment of TCM
  • Retaining Chinese Medicine Terminology:  To preserve the authenticity and integrity of our practices, it is essential to support the Chinese medical terminology, including pinyin.

Take Action:


To voice your concerns and support the retention of Chinese herbs as restricted activities, the continuation of Chinese medicine terminology, and the modernization of the scope of practice,  including PIT, please write your concerns and email them to PROREGADMIN@gov.bc.ca.

We intend to organize a meeting on Zoom next week to update all members of the latest regulatory developments and to outline our plan for the future. Please stay tuned and pay attention to our future  updates. 


Thank you for lending your voice to this important cause! Together, we unite and speak with one unified voice!


ATCMA Office


采取行动表达您对卑诗省传统中医药 (TCM) 和针灸执业监管拟议草案变更的担忧!






  • 保留中草药作为限制性行为:目前,中草药(TCM)并未被视为限制性行为,这引起了重大关注。 但这个问题是可以纠正的,请向卫生部 (MOH) 和您的 MLA 提出您的疑虑。 中草药应该成为一种受限制的行为,以确保我们的执业可以得到适当的监管和保护。
  • 支持 CTCMA 2017 年执业范围,包括 PIT(穴位注射疗法):TCM 承诺更新执业范围,卫生部应在合并之前对此负责。 这是对中医的不公平对待
  • 保留中医术语:为了保持我们执业的真实性和完整性,请支持包括拼音在内的中医术语。


为了表达您的担忧并支持保留中草药作为限制性活动、延续中药术语以及包括 PIT 在内的执业范围的现代化,请写下您的担忧并通过电子邮件发送至 PROREGADMIN@gov.bc.ca




感谢您为这一重要行动发声! 我们团结一致,用统一的声音说话!