ICBC has announced its annual fee increase for health care services, including Acupuncture services. As of April 1, 2024, ICBC will cover:

$123 for an Initial Assessment Visit

$104 for a Standard Treatment (i.e. follow-up treatment)

Please scroll down for ICBC Bulletin for details. 

Remember: while there is no limit on the total length of a patient visit, a Standard Treatment must include 20 minutes of one-to-one patient: practitioner time. 
Did you know that ICBC funds Acupuncture as a health care service for their injured customers thanks to the hard work and dedication of previous ATCMA board members? Our board and staff continue to build on this relationship with ICBC, and have exclusive professional access to ICBC senior managers.

Our Executive Director meets with a dedicated ICBC Relationship Manager at least twice a month, and sits on the Health Care Practitioner Advisory Group that meets at least once per quarter. This is just one of the many ways that the ATCMA advocates for the profession!

As an ATCMA member, you have direct access to ICBC through the ATCMA. We can help you troubleshoot challenges with your ICBC cases, and escalate them through the ICBC system as appropriate. If you have an issue with an ICBC case, please email the details (including the ICBC claim number, with your patient’s permission) to All information will remain confidential.

Click Here to Check ICBC Bulletin | 点击此处查看ICBC公告

ICBC宣布提高包括针灸服务在内的医疗保健服务的费用。 自2024年4月1日起,ICBC将承保:

$123     初次就诊评估费用

$104     标准治疗(即后续治疗)


温馨提醒:虽然患者就诊的总时长并没有限制,但标准治疗必须包括 20 分钟的一对一患者治疗时间。

您知道吗?ICBC 之所以资助针灸来为他们的受伤客户提供医疗保健服务其实是多亏了前 ATCMA 理事会成员的辛勤工作和奉献精神。  我们的理事会和员工正在持续发展与ICBC的这种关系,并拥有与ICBC高级经理接触的独家专业机会。

我们的执行理事每月至少与专门的 ICBC 客户关系经理会面两次,且还是医疗保健从业者咨询小组的成员之一,此小组每季度至少举行一次会议。 这只是 ATCMA 为这个行业做的众多项目之一!

作为 ATCMA 会员,您可以通过 ATCMA 直接接触 ICBC。 我们可以帮助解决您在ICBC 案件中的疑难问题,并酌情通过 ICBC 系统加速处理问题。 如果您对 ICBC 案件有疑问,请将详细信息(包括 ICBC 索赔编号,并征得患者许可)通过电子邮件发送至 。 您所有的信息都将保密

Click Here to Check ICBC Bulletin | 点击此处查看ICBC公告