On January 4th, the provincial health officer asked businesses to re-implement COVID-19 safety plans in an effort to curb transmission of the Omicron variant. Coupled with the anticipated increase in staff absences, we understand how you deliver care may change.
 We recognize that things continue to evolve when it comes to COVID-19 and we will continue to closely monitor the situation and adjust as needed.
Thank you for your patience as we implement processes to keep our employees safe as well, which may result in delayed response times. These are challenging times and together, we can continue to provide the best access to care for our customers as possible. If we can provide any further support, please let us know.
1 月 4 日,省卫生官员要求企业重新实施 COVID-19 安全计划,以遏制 Omicron 变体的传播。再加上员工缺勤的预期增加,我们了解您提供护理的方式可能会发生变化。
我们认识到,当涉及到 COVID-19 时,事情会继续发展,我们将继续密切关注情况并根据需要进行调整。