BC acupuncturists – do you treat patients with ICBC claims?
Remember that ICBC’s fee coverage increased on April 1! See the chart below for details.
Acupuncture has been funded by ICBC since 2019, thanks to the tireless efforts of past ATCMA insurance committees. We continue this legacy through weekly meetings with our ICBC relationship manager, and participation in the Healthcare Advisory Group with other funded health professions.
ATCMA members have the EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT of our help:
– solving specific problems with treatment plans that have been denied or only partially approved
– understanding how to write effective treatment plans
– navigating ICBC’s policies and procedures
Join the ATCMA today to access these exclusive benefits!
请记住,ICBC的收费范围在4月1日增加了! 详情请看下面的图表。
– 解决治疗计划中被拒绝或只被部分批准的具体问题
– 了解如何编写有效的治疗计划
– 掌握ICBC的政策和程序