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Highlights include:
  • Enhanced Care comes into effect on May 1st, 2021.
  • To help you prepare for the changes coming under Enhanced Care, review the checklist in the ICBC April newsletter.
  • ICBC is hosting free provider-specific webinars to provide discipline-specific information on Enhanced Care.  The session specifically for acupuncturists will be held on April 12. Sign-up information is available within the ICBC April newsletter, or you can click the “ICBC April 12 Webinar Registration for Acupuncturists” button to reserve your seat!


立即报名参加ICBC免费网络讲座,以了解更多信息有关加强护理!请您务必阅读最新的ICBC新闻通讯, 来查看最近免费的ICBC讲座以及对加强护理系统的最新信息。

  • 加强护理将在5月1日启动
  • 为了能让您更好的准备对加强护理系统带来的改变, 请您务必查看本月ICBC新闻更送所列出的清单。
  • ICBC 现提供特定-执业者免费讲座来提供对加强护理系统的特定学科信息, 专门针对针灸师的讲座将于4月12日举行。请确保您查看了ICBC4月新闻通讯并点击相关链接来报名讲座, 或您也可直接点击“4月12日ICBC针灸师讲座报名通道”来报名4月12号的讲座


Click below to access the ICBC April 2021 Newsletter and April 12  2021, ICBC Acupuncture-specific Enhanced Care Webinar Registration; 请点击以下按钮来查看您想了解的信息:


ICBC April Health Newsletter | ICBC 4月份健康新闻更送

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