Members treating ICBC patients!  Be sure to read the latest ICBC newsletter and announcements for up-to-date information on rates and treatment plans.


Highlights include:
  • Coverage rates will increase by $1 per session in April.
  • A new ICBC web page with guidance on writing Treatment Plans (the replacement for extension requests).
  • ICBC is offering free webinars to help practitioners adapt to the changes in enhanced care and treatment plans. The session specifically for acupuncturists will be held on April 12. Sign-up information is available within the newsletter and ICBC Treatment Plan Webinars.


  • 在四月份, 每一个ICBC疗程报销费率将提升多$ 1.
  • 新的ICBC网站会提供对治疗计划编写的相对指南(以用于代替申请延长治疗)
  • ICBC 现提供免费讲座来更好的帮助执业者来适应提高保障及治疗计划中的改变。 其特别对针灸师开放的讲座将在4月12号举行,报名信息现已呈现在以下新闻稿和ICBC 治疗计划讲座。


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