Dear members,

On May 6, 2020, the B.C. government announced its “Restart Plan”, outlining the next three phases of a four-phase plan for a safe and gradual return to pre-COVID-19 pandemic life. In their briefing, Premier Horgan, Minister Dix, and Dr. Henry indicated that regulated healthcare professions, including TCM and acupuncture, may resume with enhanced protocols in mid-May this year (i.e. after the May long weekend).

In anticipation of a province-wide re-opening of acupuncture and TCM services to regular patient care, the ATCMA has developed recommended safe work protocols for practitioners. The recommendations follow the PHO orders and CTCMA guidance and help translate these directives into best practices that help minimize the risk of further transmission of COVID-19.

While the list of protocols largely contains recommendations and not requirements, the ATCMA has proactively developed this guide as a service to members and fellow practitioners in BC. The English version of the document can be found as you scroll down further. In an effort to release the document in a timely manner, the English version has been published. The Chinese version will be published next week.

All phases of re-opening announced in the BC government’s plan will depend on the successful implementation of measures to avoid further transmission of COVID-19.  Here are some highlights:

Phase 2 – Mid-May Onwards

Under Enhanced Protocols:

  • Health services such as elective surgery will be restored.
  • Regulated health professions, including TCM and acupuncture, can resume.
  • Retail stores, hair salons, child care, restaurants, libraries, and museums could re-open.

Phase 3  – June-September, if the transmission rate of COVID-19 remains low or  declines under enhanced protocols)

  • Hotels, film industry, parks, and select entertainment establishments could re-open.
  • Schools are expected to be open to most students in September.

Gatherings of 2-6 people will be permitted in time for the May long weekend, but the ban on gatherings of more than 50 people remains in place.  

Please click the title below to access the document: 

BC’s Restart Plan

ATCMA Recommended Safe Work Practices for TCM document


在2020年5月6日,政府宣布了“重启计划”,概述了四个阶段中的前三个阶段计划,以确保在生命安全的前提下逐步恢复疫情之前的生活。在Premier Horgan, Minister Dix 及Dr. Henry 说明报告中指明: 包括中医及针灸在内的受监管的医疗保健行业可在今年5月中旬(即5月的长周末后)在防疫规程下重新营业


预期将在全省范围内重新开放针灸和中医服务,以提供患者护理,因此ATCMA已为执业人员制定了推荐的安全工作规程。这些建议遵循PHO指南和CTCMA的指导,有助于将防疫指南转为最佳实践,从而在最大程度地降低进一步传播新冠状病毒的风险。虽然条规主要包含建议而非规定,但ATCMA提前制定该条规,以便服务我们的会员和执业人员。请继续向下滚动查看英文版指南。为了及时发布指南,ATCMA决定先发布英文版, 中文版将于下周出版。



  • 医疗服务如择期手术将得到恢复。
  • 可以恢复包括中医和针灸在内的正规保健专业。
  • 零售商店,发廊,儿童保育,餐厅,图书馆和博物馆可以重新开放。


  • 旅馆,电影业,公园和部分所选娱乐场所可在夏季遵循预防协议的条件下重新开放。
  • 学校预计将在9月对大多数学生开放。

请注意: 在长周末时,可允许2-6人的聚会,但50人以上聚会仍然禁止。