Membership Fees – FROZEN…til further notice



oooops! We made a mistake – some members paying monthly with EFT may have noticed an extra charge on their January statements. We apologize for this error and have already made the necessary arrangement for a credit on your next month’s charge.



The costs of everything escalate, including our bank fees. We pay a  higher fee for the convenience of being able to accept monthly direct deposits, and many members appreciate the ease of paying fees this way. Membership fees are considerably less than professional dues in most of our peer professions and we recognize that this will change as we grow.



However, since we are all feeling financially squeezed, the finance committee have decided to share the burden and let our membership dues stand at the same level they have been for the past few years: $180 per year, or $15 per month via EFT. To do this, we will have to explore new avenues for revenue, but our first commitment is to our members, and you told us you need a break.




Please note: if paying by cheque, kindly make it out to: BCATCMAP