Federation of Chinese Medicine Association launched anti physiotherapist Acupuncture legitimize action

  In 2015, there is no other event that is more important than the massive anti U.S. Chinese medicine profession dry needle action. While we are praising and cheering for the American counterparts through the united efforts of getting their first victory on Anti Dry Needle action, fewer individuals have found our TCM industry in British Columbia is also facing the crisis. Currently, College of Physical Therapists of BC has included the acupuncture needles service into their scope of practice, which is

Donate to the Alberta Fires Appeal

Fort McMurray Disaster  The ATCMA Board wishes to extend our best wishes to all of the residents of Fort McMurray and surrounding area that were affected by the wild fire and evacuation. The ATCMA will be making a donation to the Canadian Red Cross www.redcross.ca  . We encourage our members to each make a charitable donation to the Red Cross Disaster relief fund. Every dollar counts and donations are tax deductible so please give what you can. The equivalent of

How much Chinese in Chinese Medicine?

How much Chinese in Chinese medicine? Friday, April 4, 2014 | Categories: Documentaries 14 AP Photo/Kin Cheung Listen The young Canadian skier Marie Michelle Gagnon stood poised in the start gate of the Super G in Sochi. Five days earlier, she had dislocated her shoulder. “She’s ready to go,” the commentator told the TV audience. “The physios have had the needles out.” Acupuncture. Chinese medicine. Everyone’s doing it, for everything from bad knees to infertility. There are high-end, low-lit clinics in urban downtowns, stripped-down operations in suburban malls; neighbours

March Lecture Series

This March we will have two seminars. The first seminar is scheduled on March 09, 2014. The detailed information is as follows: First lecture 第一讲 Title: What we need to know after GST/HST is exempted for our services Speakers: Dr. John Lee & Dr. Michael Chung Date: March 09, 2014 Time: 10 am to 1 pm Address: #A136a 100 West 49th Ave, Vancouver Organizer: ATCMA Language: Bilingual (English and Mandarin) John Lee: Dr. TCM and Registered Acupuncturist Ph.D and visiting Professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine GST/HST Task Chair of Canadian Coalition

Protect Patients and Increase Herb Sales With Answers to Common FAQ’s

Business Pearls:   Protect Patients and Increase Herb Sales With Answers to Common FAQ’s Note: we saw an article in the CTCMA’s recent newsletter that suggested some possible confusion, or maybe just some miscommunication about how we charge fees. We hope these sales pointers might be helpful. Q: How do I avoid misunderstandings about fees? A: There are several ways to share your fee schedule with patients. Post your pricelist: – on the wall in your waiting room – on your website – on your brochures, and

The New Needles: Integrating TCM with Modern Research and Practices

The New Needles: Integrating TCM with Modern Research and Practices submitted by Rod LeBlanc We are facing professional challenges through the next years: The more acupuncture needles are shown to work, the more needles will be used by conventional medicine. TCM acupuncture will no longer be our sole domain – just as we are sharing the high risk practice of acupuncture, the changes in the scope of practice/reserved acts mean that we are going to be sharing the high risk practice of

Academic/Education Committee Report – by John Yang

Academic/Education Committee Report – by John Yang (学术,教育委员会报告–杨光芳) On behalf of ATCMA, I express my appreciation and thank to Dr. Weidong Yu and Dr. Lorne Brown for their outstanding presentations on Feb. 9, 2014. Also I extend that appreciation to volunteers who helped make the event successful. Over 100 members attended the seminar. I am looking for members who are qualified speakers to share their research/clinical experience to our members in the areas of treating cancer or depression. If you are willing to

Membership Fees – FROZEN…til further notice

Membership Fees – FROZEN…til further notice 冻结会费的问题待后续通知   oooops! We made a mistake – some members paying monthly with EFT may have noticed an extra charge on their January statements. We apologize for this error and have already made the necessary arrangement for a credit on your next month’s charge. 非常抱歉,我们在收费上出现错误。通过EFT支付会费的会员或许已经注意到,在收缴一月份的会费时,我们多收了您的钱。在这里向大家道歉,并请大家放心,我们会把余额用来交付下月的会费。   The costs of everything escalate, including our bank fees. We pay a  higher fee for the convenience of being able to accept monthly direct deposits, and many members appreciate the ease of paying fees

Canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium (COMS)

Join us at the Canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium (COMS) March 13-16, 2014 in Vancouver at the Coast Plaza Hotel 3月13-16日,2014年温哥华海岸广场酒店 You won’t want to miss this exciting annual event hosted by Eastern Currents. It is an action-packed weekend with learning, shopping, networking, food, friends, fun and games – we can hardly wait! Make sure you click on the ad below to get to the schedule and full details. This year, COMS will be offering video streaming so you won’t have to travel to Vancouver

News from our Neighbours

News from our Neighbours 邻居新闻 Our colleagues in Oregon state have acted on their displeasure over “dry needling” by Chiropractors, launching a successful  legal challenge. The Oregon court of appeals agreed that the use of needles falls beyond the scope of practice established by that state for Chiropractors, and the court finds “dry needling” is essentially an acupuncture technique. 俄勒冈州的中医同仁们对脊椎按摩师可用“干针”一事表示不满,并且在法律上提出有力的质疑。俄勒冈州上诉法院同意针具的使用已经超出了脊椎按摩师的行医范畴,而且所谓的“干针”本质就是针灸针法。 Here is their statement: 以下是他们的陈述: “Petitioners challenge the validity of OAR 811-015-0036, a rule adopted by the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners (the board) that authorizes