An Interview for CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition

An Interview for CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition CBC广播电台周日版访谈 How does BC’s perspective on TCM and language(s) compare to the other provinces just coming online with licensing? You’ll want to catch this upcoming CBC Radio documentary for a detailed examination on the matter. We’ll broadcast the time and date as soon as it is available. 与其他刚对中医立法的四个省相比,BC 省对中医及其使用语言的看法。请关注CBC电台对这个问题的记录访谈。播出日期和时间会尽快发布 L to R: Fei Che, Beverly Osachoff, Karin Wells of CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition, John Lee. 从左到右:车飞,Beverly Osachoff, Karin Wells CBC周日节目编辑, 李永洲  

The Premier’s New Year’s Celebration

The Premier’s New Year’s Celebration 新年祝贺 No wonder Chinese New Year is our favourite holiday – who can resist all the excitement? Leaping Lion dancers, clanging cymbals, and a sea of excited guests dressed in red brocade visiting over plates of steaming long noodles and spicy fish morsels. Not your average business meeting perhaps, but our leader and president, Dr. Fei Che, is no ordinary quiet man, either. With his calm smile, he greets everyone like a treasured old friend. 难怪大家最喜欢过春节,谁能抵制住如此喜庆的欢聚呢?锣鼓声声,金狮舞动,盛装出席的贵客,长长久久的长寿面,和年年有余的香辣鱼。这绝不是一场普通的业务聚会。协会会长车飞先生像对待老朋友一样和每一位同仁问候祝福。 The ATCMA is

The Focus Group – CTCMA

The Focus Group – CTCMA Five of our board members (William O. Hardman, Weidong Yu, Edward Liu, John Yang, Daeyou Kim, and Beverly Osachoff) participated in a focus group held by the CTCMA on January 25th, voicing our members’ convictions that they want to enjoy a broad scope of practice in BC and the full toolbox of modern tools that enhance the complex array of what we do in our clinics. ATCMA members Rod LeBlanc and Phillipe Souvestre were unable to

GST/HST – Acupuncture exempted from tax in new Federal Budget

GST/HST – Acupuncture exempted from tax in new Federal Budget Another long and hard fought battle has been won by our profession – Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office confirmed the following good news in the Federal budget announcement Tuesday, Feb 11th: GST/ HST -新联邦的税务预算已将针灸的GST免除 经历漫长而艰辛的斗争,中医行业又赢得了一次胜利-2月11日星期二: 财政部长,Jim Flaherty办公室已经证实联邦预算公布的以下消息: Page 197 of the Budget discusses “Health Related Tax Measures”. Minister Flaherty will be exempting acupuncturists’ professional service from the GST/HST. More information on this measure can be found in Annex 2 on page 320. 第197页的财政预算案的讨论“健康相关税收措施”。Flaherty部长将从GST/ HST税收中豁免针灸师的专业服务。在这一措施的更多信息见320页的附件二。 Members please

How much Chinese in Chinese medicine?

How much Chinese in Chinese medicine? Friday, April 4, 2014 | Categories: Documentaries 14 AP Photo/Kin Cheung Listen The young Canadian skier Marie Michelle Gagnon stood poised in the start gate of the Super G in Sochi. Five days earlier, she had dislocated her shoulder. “She’s ready to go,” the commentator told the TV audience. “The physios have had the needles out.” Acupuncture. Chinese medicine. Everyone’s doing it, for everything from bad knees to infertility. There are high-end, low-lit clinics in urban downtowns, stripped-down operations in suburban malls; neighbours

CANDLELIGHT VIGIL For the victims and families of the Sewol ferry tragedy off the coast of Korea

Saturday, April 26, 2014 6:30pm-10:00pm Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall 315 Walker Street Coquitlam BC V3K 4C7 PROGRAM DETAILS Candlelight Vigil Community Message Board Yellow Ribbon of Hope Campaign Rose of Sharon Foundation Fundraising Drive (see below) Doors open at 6:30pm for silent prayer and lighting of candles. Everyone welcome to drop by for any length of time or full duration of the vigil. ROSE OF SHARON FOUNDATION FUNDRAISING DRIVE A donation box will be on site. Cash or cheque payable to “Rose of Sharon Foundation” By Mail:   Rose of Sharon Foundation 1165

Growing our website

Some sharp-eyed ATCMA members have noticed parts of our new website are incomplete…so far. We thank everyone for your patience as we complete the tedious task of populating our practitioner directory and some other important pages.  

Update on the status of TCM Herbal medicines

submitted by ATCMA member Dr. John Stan | May 01, 2014 On March 21, the Advisory Council on TCM (AC-TCM) met with Minister Rona Ambrose, Parliamentary Secretary Colin Carrie, Director General of the NHPD Adam Gibson and other Health Canada staff to further discuss issues relating to the regulatory process of Natural Health Products (NHPs) in Canada.   In December 2011, the then Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq established a special committee of TCM stakeholders to provide direct input to Health Canada. I had

Here is your chance – Nominations are open for the 2015 Board of Directors

Our first official AGM is coming up on September 28th, 2014. One of the day’s major events is the election of a new board of directors. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get involved, here’s your chance! Being a board member of a professional association is an excellent volunteer experience. You will learn many new things, meet lots of interesting people, and play an active role in the voice of our TCM community.   Nomination form is below – please share!   British