ATCMA Members and fellow BC Acupuncturists!

Our friends at Pain BC are offering mentee-ship opportunities to community and allied health care providers in BC.

Do you treat patients with chronic pain, mental health and substance use in your clinical practice?  Are you in need of mentorship to deepen your understanding of these conditions and become more effective in treating them?  You may be a great fit as a Mentee for the adaptive mentorship programme offered by the BC Adaptive Mentorship Network for Pain, Mental Health and Substance Use.

“BCAMN was launched in March 2022 to build primary care capacity to support British Columbians living with chronic pain, mental health and substance use conditions. … [It] connects health care provider Mentees with professional Mentors on the topics of chronic pain, mental health and substance use through safe, non-judgmental group-based mentoring and learning opportunities, and on-demand one-to-one mentoring conversations.” 

Mentee applications deadline is February 2, 2023

Details and application form:



ATCMA 會員和 BC 針灸師同仁!
我們在 Pain BC 的朋友正在為 BC 的社區和專職醫療保健提供者提供實習機會。
您在臨床實踐中治療患有慢性疼痛、心理健康和藥物濫用的患者嗎? 您是否需要指導來加深您對這些疾病的理解並更有效地治療它們? 您可能非常適合作為 BC Adaptive Mentorship Network 提供的針對疼痛、心理健康和物質使用的適應性指導計劃的學員。
“BCAMN 於 2022 年 3 月啟動,旨在建設初級保健能力,以支持患有慢性疼痛、心理健康和物質使用問題的BC省民。 …… [它] 通過安全、非評判性的小組指導和學習機會,以及按需一對一的指導對話,將醫療保健提供者 Mentee 與專業導師聯繫起來,討論慢性疼痛、心理健康和物質使用等主題。 ”
學員申請截止日期為 2023 年 2 月 2 日