214-The Scientificity of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the perspective of Abstract Science |从抽象科学的角度来探讨中医的科学性


Language/语言:English; 英文

Speaker/演讲者: Dr. Simon Xin Min Dong    (3 CEUs)

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Abstract | 提纲

  1.  The Establishment of Abstract Science
  2. The Theoretical Frame of Abstract Science
  3. The Contributions of TCM to the Basic Theories of Abstract Medicine
  4. The Contributions of TCM to the Methodologies of Abstract Medicine
  5.  The Contributions of TCM to the Epistemology of Abstract Medicine
  6. The Contributions of TCM to the Way of Thinking of Abstract Medicine
  7. A Comparison between Modern Medicine and TCM
  8. Conclusion: the roles of TCM in the 21st century and afterwards.


  1. 抽象科学的建立
  2. 抽象科学的理论框架
  3. 中医对抽象医学基础理论的贡献
  4. 中医对抽象医学方法论的贡献
  5. 中医对抽象医学认识论的贡献
  6. 中医对抽象医学思维方式的贡献
  7. 现代医学与中医的比较
  8. 结论:中医药在 21 世纪及以后的作用。

Speaker’s Bio/演讲者简介:

Dr. Simon Xin Min Dong is from the mainland of China. He got his Bachelor’s degree of medicine in 1995 and Master’s degree in 1998 at the Medical School of Wuhan University. Simon landed at Vancouver, Canada in March 2002. He got his second Master’s degree in 2007 and PhD degree in 2020 specified in Microbiology and immunology at the University of Ottawa. Right after the PhD degree, Simon worked at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario as a Postdoctoral Fellow for 18 months till July 2021. During the trainings for PhD degree and Postdoctoral Fellowship, Simon’s research topic was ‘Selective Induction of Apoptosis in HIV-infected Macrophages’, and this project was accomplished with 6 papers published.

Simon has dedicated more than 30 years to finding solutions for diseases. In his book published in 2012, Philosophical Principles of Life Science , Simon proposed new concepts of Abstract Science and Abstract Medicine to the life science and medicine community with brand-new basic theory, methodology, epistemology (认识论), and way of thinking (思维方式). Today, Simon’s topic will focus on ‘The scientificity of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the perspective of Abstract Science (从抽象科学的角度来探讨中医的科学性)’.

Dr. Simon Xin Min Dong 来自中国大陆。 1995年获医学学士学位,1998年获武汉大学医学院硕士学位。Simon 于 2002 年 3 月登陆加拿大温哥华。他于 2007 年获得第二个硕士学位,并于 2020 年获得渥太华大学微生物学和免疫学博士学位。获得博士学位后,Simon 在东安大略儿童医院担任博士后 18 个月,直至 2021 年 7 月。在博士和博士后培训期间,Simon 的研究课题是“选择性诱导 HIV 感染的巨噬细胞凋亡” ‘,并完成了该项目并发表了 6 篇论文。
Simon 30 多年来一直致力于寻找疾病的解决方案。在 2012 年出版的《生命科学哲学原理》一书中,西蒙以全新的基础理论、方法论、认识论(认识论)和思维方式(思维方式)向生命科学和医学界提出了抽象科学和抽象医学的新概念。方式)。今天,西蒙的主题将集中在“从抽象科学的角度看中医的科学性(从抽象科学的角度来探讨中医的科学性)”。
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