217-Ziwu Meridian Style Needling-Clinical thinking on acupuncture of Ren and Du meridian |子午周天针法-任督脉针灸临证思维


Language: Chinese with English Translation

Speaker:  Professor Liu Wei(2 Cue/ 2 hour )


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Ziwu Meridian Style Needling-Clinical thinking on acupuncture of Ren and Du meridian |子午周天针法-任督脉针灸临证思维

The Ziwu Meridian Style Needling is an enhanced version of Liu Wei’s original Ren Si Du Wu Needle Method: Du Wu can penetrate all yang, and Ren Si can adjust the triple burners, and the vertical and horizontal superposition of the corresponding energy fields, a set of unique acupuncture methods formed in the study of classics and clinical evidence. It can not only be used as a key link by professor Liu, and become a simple and effective treatment method used alone; it can also be derived from special acupuncture methods such as “fire in water, gasification in the triple burners, seven needles in Yafeng, and three guan passes to yang”; supplemented by Feijingzouqi techniques.


The Ziwu Meridian Style Needling is a perfect combination of the sum of theory and practice, adjusting the shape and treating spirit, maintaining integrity and innovation.


Personal profile

Professor Liu Wei, MD is a licensed TCM physician in Minnesota, USA, a well-known TCM acupuncturist and professor of acupuncture and moxibustion in the United States, and a tutor of the OCOM doctoral class in the United States. He is also the first batch of distinguished professors and a member of the expert committee of the Sino-American Institute of Acupuncture and Rehabilitation, Guangzhou Zhong Visiting professor at the University of Medicine, New Zealand College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other schools. He is one of the first batches of the top 10 overseas Chinese medicine experts to be shortlisted for the “Hundred Talents and Hundred Items” project of Chinese medicine for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese One of the treasure gift experts.


Professor Liu Wei is diligent in his studies, has a solid foundation, and respects the classical acupuncture style. He has created five acupuncture systems including Liu’s scalp acupuncture, Liu’s abdominal acupuncture, tension traction acupuncture, and linkage acupuncture, and dozens of original acupuncture methods, forming his own with a unique style and clinical diagnosis and treatment methods, he enjoys the reputation of “acupuncture master” and has long been committed to promoting the inheritance and development of traditional acupuncture.


Language: Mandarin Chinese 



子午周天针法是刘伟老师原创任四督五针法的加强版:督五可贯通诸阳,任四能通调三焦,以此为基础,刘师注重于气机子午周天的流注特性,以及相应能量场的纵横叠加,在研读经典与临床实证中形成的一套独特针法。它既可以任督为纲,成为单独使用之术简效彰的治疗手段; 也可由此衍生出“水中火,三焦气化,雅风七针,三关通阳”等特殊针法;辅以飞经走气等手法的运用则更上层楼。




刘伟教授,医学博士,美国明州执业中医师,全美知名的中医针灸师和针灸学教授,美国OCOM博士班导师,中美针灸康复研究所的第一批特聘教授和专家委员会成员,广州中医药大学、新西兰中医学院等学校客座教授。海外华侨华人中医药 “百人百项”工程10名首批入围的海外中医药专家之一,世界中医论坛常务理事,世界中联青中会理事,广东省中医院第十一届“杏林寻宝”献宝专家之一。