The Formal Response Regarding the Proposal of KuoHsiang Chu

Recently, KuoHsiang Chu had sent a series of emails to a number of TCM acupuncturists and submitted a written request to convoke an interim meeting for the registered members of the BC CTCMA.

To the recent statements and actions of KuoHsiang Chu, we would like to reply him a formal email after the chairman of ATCMA has discussed it with his board members. The following points reflect our opinions:


  1. Any individuals who expresses any ideas, suggestions, and proposals must abide the by laws and regulations. And we will process it according to the law. In the country of democracy and legislation, any citizen has the right to express his/her opinion, but the opinion has to comply with the law. Anyone including the leaders of country must comply with the law to argue and handle the affair.

As a new council member of CTCMA, KuoHsiang Chu has the right to submit his ideas and suggestions to the decision and operation of CTCMA, but the suggestions must comply with the legitimate procedures and regulations of CTCMA. If the suggestions go beyond the above range and the individual applies inappropriate behaviors and actions, his approaches are deemed to be improper.


  1. Any actions he takes have to be reasonable and fully legal.

KuoHsiang Chu has claimed that the CTCMA may be abusing its public funds and  may be failing to figure out the lawsuits related to the students of the TCM College in the recent years.

  • First: Regarding the issue of failing to figure out the lawsuit to CTCMA from students of TCM College, the BC Ministry of Education and the CTCMA have already offered an explicit response. There is no reason to take out this issue to discuss it again. Relevant and further information can be found on CTCMA website.
  • Second: Regarding the issue of recent years in the abusing of public funds by the CTCMA, some reasonable suggestions can be put forward at the 2017 AGM in response to the financial report. In the current situation, an alternative way can be used to solve the query of the 2016 CTCMA financial report as the report was approved by all members at the AGM each year.
  • Third: Regarding the “Recall” action proposed by KuoHsiang Chu

KuoHsiang Chu has proposed numerous “Recall” actions in the council meeting of CTCMA through email, and has requested a comprehensive and in-depth implementation of this action. In addition, he has requested to recall Cao’s (BaoQi Cao) and Tan’s (Weijia Tan) current positions and has defamed both of them. His behavior is against a professional integrity and the regulations of council of CTCMA. He broke the internal solidarity of the group of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and if a legal action will take place, it will likely increase the cost of legal fees and will burden every B.C. TCM practitioner and acupuncturist.


  1. Any personal extreme slogans, instigation, and social actions promoted by deluded individuals can work against the stability and peace of society.

KuoHsiang Chu stated many times that he plans to launch a“TCM Revolution”:

  • First: “So, have to launch ‘ a TCM Revolution’”. (2017-06-03 email from KuoHsiang Chu)
  • Second: “TCM Revolution”, “Qin law tyranny, The people are deprived of their means of survival in TCM group, To raise the righteous flag, Recommend suitable individual and recall scoundrel…” (2017-05-26 email from KuoHsiang Chu)

Canada is a democracy country with a perfect legal system, the “Revolution” is not allowed in Canada’s peaceful society.

KuoHsiang Chu used extreme statements and actions and instigated the deluded individuals. The result will be destroying the reputation of Traditional Chinese Medicine profession and will be bringing negative effects to the future of Traditional Chinese Medicine in B.C.


  1. Every Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner should cherish the achievement from the efforts of BC Traditional Chinese Medicine team and preserve the hard-won achievements and opportunities.

BC Traditional Chinese Medicine team spent 20 over years to make effort for the approval of legalization of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. We obtained the following achievements:

  • Approval in the title of Registered TCM Practitioner (Doctor of TCM);
  • Acupuncture was introduced to MSP;
  • Tax exemption for Acupuncture;
  • Acupuncture was introduced to National University and post-secondary education and won significant achievements.
  • A new department of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be set up at the Richmond hospital. Richmond hospital will be the first to operate as an integrated hospital of Chinese and Western medicine in Canada.

All of these achievements are from the efforts of several generations’ TCM professionals; the supports of government, different parties and social communities and also the efforts from a number of our TCM acupuncturists and practitioners. Today, as a new generation of TCM practitioners, we should make efforts to foster the TCM tree to grow better instead of killing it!


  1. We appeal to all of TCM acupuncturists and practitioners to rationally read and respond the “TCM Revolution” of KuoHsiang Chu. We hope that every TCM acupuncturists and practitioners will learn the truth first and won’t become involved in any extreme action(s) because that may destroy the BC Traditional Chinese Medicine industry. If the council of CTCMA is disbanded, the license renewal fee will likely increase and every practitioner will need to suffer the results. The incident that happened in Alberta should become a reference for us in B.C. to pay attention to.

(ATCMA) President/ Chairman of ATCMA:Che, Fei (車飛)


(CACRA)Chairman of CACRA: Shi, Jin Hua石精華


(UATCMABC) UAABC Chariman: Huang, Qing Lin

(UATCMABC) UAABC Controller: Che, Weidong Walton


June 07, 2017

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