The Premier’s New Year’s Celebration


No wonder Chinese New Year is our favourite holiday – who can resist all the excitement? Leaping Lion dancers, clanging cymbals, and a sea of excited guests dressed in red brocade visiting over plates of steaming long noodles and spicy fish morsels. Not your average business meeting perhaps, but our leader and president, Dr. Fei Che, is no ordinary quiet man, either. With his calm smile, he greets everyone like a treasured old friend.


The ATCMA is determined to make TCM and acupuncture a part of every BC family’s health care regime. What better way to open a brand new year than to lead the brand new board of directors to dinner with the Premier and her entire team? The following ATCMA board members were honoured to represent the members at this festive event: Fei Che, William O. Hardman, John Yang, Yan Bin Ma, Poppi Sabhaney, Daeyou Kim, Vincent Yu, Jackie Cheng Han Wu, and Beverly Osachoff.

 中医针灸协会决心要使中医针灸纳入BC省家庭医疗保健体制。会长车飞携新理事会成员与管理局总监及其团队欢聚一堂喜迎新年到来,这注定将是不同寻常的一年。以下会员参加了这次聚会:车飞, William O. Hardman,杨光芳, 马艳斌, Poppi Sabhaney, Daeyou Ki,余存海, 吴承翰, and Beverly Osachoff.

Jackie Cheng Han Wu and Poppi Sabhaney

吴承翰 和Poppi Sabhaney

Poppi Sabhaney and Beverly Osachoff

L to R: Vincent Yu, Fei Che, John Yang, MLA Richard Lee, Beverly Osachoff, Daeyou Kim, Yanbin Ma, William O. Hardman.

从左到右:于存海,车飞,杨光芳,MLA Richard Lee,Beverly Osachoff, Daeyou Kim,马燕斌,WIlliam O. Hardman.