Friendly reminder!  Please continue to gather signatures for the ATCMA’s petition

calling on the BC government to direct the Ministry of Health to approve our long-overdue scope update.  The first round of almost 1,000 signatures was submitted to the Legislature in August – THANK YOU to everyone who worked hard to gather signatures! 

There is still work to be done.  We need our scope updated BEFORE the amalgamation of regulatory colleges takes place, or we run the risk of carrying on with a diluted, non-specific scope that opens us up to scrutiny and complaints. 

Please ask your patients, friends and colleagues to support this critical call to action. If every CTCMA registrant in BC gathers 10 signatures, we will have a 20,000 strong petition and the strength of voice we need for the MOH to hear us.  Spread the word and stand up for our profession!

Mail your completed petitions to the ATCMA office by October 1 so that we can send them to Minister Kang’s office in time for the October 5-8 sitting of the BC legislature. Please scroll down for relevant information and documents.

温馨提示: 请继续各位会员及执业者收集ATCMA请愿书签名来呼吁卑詩省政府指示卫生部批准我们逾期未完成的执业范围更新。第一轮近1,000个签名已于8月提交给立法机构-在此我们感谢所有努力收集签名的人们!
除此之外, 我们仍有未完成的工作要做。在管理局合并之前,我们急需更新我们的执业范围,否则我们将会有在未特定的执业范围下而进行经营的风险,这也容易使我们受到审查和投诉。

还请您呼吁您的患者,朋友和同事支持这一重要的请愿行动。如果卑詩省的每个CTCMA执业者都收集了10个签名,那么我们将拥有20,000份强有力的请愿书。 我们需要的是MOH听到我们的声音。宣传并捍卫我们的职业! 希望您能在10月1日之前将您收集请愿书邮寄到ATCMA办公室,以便我们可以在10月5日至8日卑诗省立法会开会之前及时将其发送到康安禮(Anne Kang)的办公室。请向下滚动以获取相关信息及文件。

(Chinese) ATCMA – Scope of Practice Petition Letter|ATCMA-执业范围请愿书-中文版

(English) ATCMA – Scope of Practice Petition Letter|ATCMA-执业范围请愿书-英文版