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Please  contact representative  from Sirius Benefits at   christopher.campos@sunlife.com for further inquiry

请联系Sirius Benefits险公司代表了解更多信息,电邮 christopher.campos@sunlife.com

With continuous efforts to provide benefits to our supportive members, ATCMA has partnered with Sirius Benefits to offer a group benefits plan.

Percentage of coverage will depend on choice of Bronze, Silver and Gold plan.

Coverage includes (Bronze/Silver/Gold);

  1. Prescription Drugs (70%/80%/90%)
  2. Paramedical Services(70%/80%/90%)
    • Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractor, etc…
  3. Dental(70%/80%/90%)
    • (Basic & Comprehensive)
  4. Travel Insurance ($5,000,000 per 180 day trip)
  5. Life Insurance ($25,000)
  6. Hearing Aids ($500 per 5 years)
  7. Eye Exams ($75 per 2 years for adults, or per 1 year for children)
  8. Vision ($0/$150/$250)

Additional options are also available on an individual basis including;

  1. Critical Illness
  2. Short Term Disability
  3. Long Term Disability

Click here to view chart and pricing: ATCMA Association Plan Chart

Application Forms

Download the ATCMA’s Extended Health Benefits Plan Application Forms

  1. Individual Application Form (everyone on plan must fill this out)
  2. Authorized Payment Request Form (only one is required per clinic)
  3. Small Group Application Form (only one is required per clinic)
  4. Declaration of Insurability (needed for 1-2 person companies)

随着不断努力的为支持我们的会员提供更好的福利,ATCMA现与Sirius Benefits 保险公司合作并提供延伸医疗保健福利保险计划


保障包括 (青铜/银/金):

  1. 处方药(70%/ 80%/ 90%)
  2. 辅助医疗服务(70%/80%/90%)
    • 针灸, 按摩, 脊柱医疗等…
  3. 牙科(70%/80%/90%)
    • (综合及基本牙科)
  4. 旅行保险(每180天旅行$ 5,000,000)
  5. 人寿保险 ($25,000)
  6. 助听器 (每 5 年$500)
  7. 眼科检查 (成人每2 年$75,或小孩每1年$75)
  8. 眼科 ($0/$150/$250)



1. 重大疾病

2. 短期伤残

3. 长期伤残




  1. 会员申请表(每人皆需填写)
  2. 付款授权申请表 (每个诊所只需要一张申请表)
  3. 小组申请(每个诊所只需要一张申请表)
  4. 保单 (一至二人的诊所)

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