Adrienne Coombs

Adrienne Coombs

Gender: Female
Languages: English

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, certified sports medicine acupuncturist. Living and working in beautiful Squamish, BC.

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TCM Internal Medicine
TCM Gynecology
TCM Obstetric
TCM Dermatology
TCM Pediatrics
Pain Syndrome Management
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certified sports medicine acupuncturist, certified acupoint injection therapist,
Medical Professional Education & Experience
3 years kinesiology at UBC, Vancouver 5 year Doctorate at Academy of classical Oriental Sciences, Nelson, BC 1 year Sports medicine apprenticeship program with Matt Callison, San Diego, CA Myofascial training with Tom Meyers Acupuncture injection training with Rod LeBlanc, Whiterock, BC I have extensive training in several athletic modailitys such as DNS, functional moment assessment and I am currently working on my osteopath diploma. I also have extra training in fertility and gynaecological conditions as well as paediatrics. I have worked for 5 years now at Higher Health Clinic in Fort Mcurray, AB where I see around 50 patients a week I have worked for

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Squamish Integrated Health
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37989 Cleveland Ave
Vancouver, BC
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