Avery Shane Yackel

Avery Shane Yackel

Gender: Male
Languages: English

Avery Yackel is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and is certified in Toyohari Meridian Therapy Acupuncture. As a Registered Acupuncturist & Herbalist, he practices Toyohari acupuncture, a refined system of Japanese meridian therapy calling on pulse diagnosis and fine palpation skills. This gentle approach yields positive results and allows individuals greater access to their own power to enjoy both vitality and health. Like the masters with whom he continues to study, Avery is committed to a lifetime of refining and offering his skills in acupuncture, moxibustion, and shiatsu massage and currently serves on the board of directors of the Toyohari Association of North America. He endeavours to promote healing and to create balance that will work to ward off illness. He treats people as whole and positive individuals - one person at a time.

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TCM Internal Medicine
TCM Gynecology
TCM Pediatrics
Pain Syndrome Management
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Toyohari Meridian Therapy Acupuncture, Manaka Yin-Yang Channel Balancing Therapy, KoKoDo Shiatsu, Shonishin children's acupuncture

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Avery Yackel
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202 - 2383 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC
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