The association is considering to provide an Extended Medical Health Insurance for drug prescriptions, dental and other medical services coverage. If you would like to participate in the insurance plan, please fill out the survey below before December 31st, 2018. The decision will be made once the result has been finalized.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
P.s. The Extended Medical Health Care Plan is in its primary stage. The survey is for members to decide if ATCMA should move further with the plan.

ATCMA计划提供延伸医疗保健保险计划,其包含处方药、牙医及其他专业医疗服务等。 若您有意参与此保险计划,请于2018年12月31日前填写以下调查表。
备注: 此延伸医疗保健保险计划为初始阶段,此调查表目的僅为调查ATCMA会員集体投保之意願及需求。