Introducing BFL Insurance Company!

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Please  may contact representative  Selina Zhang from BFL insurance  at (Tel) 778-331-8627 or email / for further inquiry

了解更多信息,请联系BFL保险公司代表 Selina Zhang,电话: 778-331-8627或电邮 / 

Its that time of the year again and we would like to share some good news to our fellow members before moving on.

With continuous efforts in comparing different insurance companies, ATCMA has chosen to work with BFL insurance company. BFL has good reputation and experience in providing professional insurance for our members. All premiums are reduced by 20% relatively compared with previous fees.

Take Herbalists as an example: the previous premium was $135 for $1 million professional insurance, $190 for a $2 million and $235 for a $3 million; however, this year BFL insurance will be $108, $152, $188 correspondingly.
For Acupuncturists, the previous premium was $240 for $1 million, $365 for $2 million premium, and $455 for $3 million premium; and this year, it will be $192, $292 and $364 with BFL.
For TCM Practitioner & Doctor of TCM, the previous premium was $285 for $1 million, $375 for $2 million and $460 for $3 million. And this year, BFL premium is $228 $300, and $368.

All other insurance renewals will also be reduced by 20% proportionally this year.
A detailed renewal form will be available for members in the near future. The insurance renewal can be processed online or by mail.

Click here to view chart: 2018 年专业保险续险通知chart

Click here to download BFL Clinic owner/commercial application: Commercial-Clinic Owner-Small Clinics-Application – ATCMA

Click here to download BFL practitioner (individual) application: Application – ATCMA

Please  contact representative from BFL insurance  at for further inquires

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为大家介绍新加入我们公会的保险公司 : BFL!

通过ATCMA 不断的努力和寻找不同的保险公司探讨比较,最终选择了资深具有良好信誉及经验的 BFL 保险公司合作,为我们会员提供专业保险。所有各项保费均较过去的费用减少20%.

以草药师为例:以前的保费是一百万专业保险 $135,二百万$190, 三百万 $235;今年的 BFL 保险分别是 $108, $152, $188.
针灸师去年一百万保费 $240, 二百万保费 $365,三百万保费 $455; 今年将分别是一百万 $192, 二百万 $292, 三百万 $364。
中医师和高级中医师去年付保费一百万 $285, 二百万 $375, 三百万 $460;今年保费是一百万 $228, 二百万 $300, 三百万 $368.

其他所有保险今年都会比去年减少 20% 比例续保。详细的续保表格链接已附上提供给会员。大家可网上续保和邮寄表格两种形式。

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