ATCMA Member Preferred Insurance Rates are back with BFL!


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ATCMA members – take advantage of a 25% discount on professional and commercial general liability through BFL Insurance’s ATCMA Preferred Practitioners Program!


Professional liability insurance rates have increased across the board this year, but our insurance partner BFL has negotiated very competitive rates for 2020-21.  Even better, ATCMA members in good standing receive 25% off BFL’s fees!


  • Even with the overall rate increase, fees will go up by only $3.00- $12.00 over last year’s ATCMA member rates.


  • $5 million professional liability coverage is offered this year.


  • Competitive rates on extensions are available for massage therapy and student supervision.


Note that ALL insurance policies now implemented COVID-19 contagion exclusion clauses. BFL did its best to find underwriters that did not add this exclusion, but found that all underwriters have established exclusions this year.


To apply, download and fill out an application form via the links below and email it to:


BFL individual practitioner application form: BFL – ATCMA Programme – Individual Practitioner Insurance Application – 20-21(without PIT)

BFL small clinic application form: BFL – ATCMA Programme – Small Clinics Application – 20-21


NOTE: You will be required to provide your ATCMA membership number this year.  Login to your member profile on the ATCMA website, give us a call (604-428-6226) or email us ( for assistance.


Questions on policy details?  Please contact BFL’s ATCMA member programme representative Selina Zhang for more information.

Tel: 778-331-8627

Email: or


You must be an ATCMA member in good standing to qualify for this discount.  Not an ATCMA member?

Register now and enjoy this exclusive discount – ATCMA annual dues are only $180!!

Register or renew online:






ATCMA会员们–您现在可以通过BFL Insurance的ATCMA首选从业人员计划以享受25%的专业和商业一般责任保险折扣!




*即使整体上提高了费率,费用也仅仅比去年的ATCMA会员费提高了$ 3.00- $ 12.00。




* 按摩疗法和学生监督可享受延期的竞争价格。


请注意,所有保险单现在都实施了COVID-19传染排除条款。 BFL竭尽全力寻找没有添加此排除规则的承销商,但发现所有承销商都已在今年建立了排除规则。




BFL个人从业者申请表:BFL – ATCMA Programme – Individual Practitioner Insurance Application – 20-21(without PIT)

BFL小型诊所申请表:BFL – ATCMA Programme – Small Clinics Application – 20-21




对政策细节有疑问吗?请联系BFL的ATCMA会员计划代表Selina Zhang了解更多信息。





现在注册即可享受此独家折扣。 ATCMA年度会费仅$ 180!