ATCMA Member Preferred Insurance Rates are back with BFL!


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ATCMA members enjoy a 25% discount off of BFL’s individual practitioner and commercial liability insurance rates!

Other BFL insurance benefits include:

  • No policy fee! The price you see in the rate sheet and application form is the price you pay for the policy.  This keeps BFL’s rates competitive, as many other brokers charge a policy fee.


  • BFL’s premium is only 25% retained, vs. up to 100% retained by many other brokers. This means that if you need to cancel your policy mid-term, BFL will return a portion of your premium based on short rate table subject to 25% retained.  Many other insurers have a higher retained surcharge.


  • Policy coverage includes unlimited access to two helpful legal services offered by Markel/ARAG:
    • Telephone Legal Advice Helpline for Any Legal Matter: Confidential general legal advice and information over the phone relating to any legal problem to help determine your rights and options under the laws of the applicable province and the federal laws of Canada.
    • Legal Document Review: Short legal documents or legal letters of up to 6 sides in length (excluding Wills) can be reviewed by their Advice Lawyers.


  • In addition to an individual policy that covers practitioner professional liability and individual general liability, BFL offers a clinic policy that you can choose to purchase if you own your clinic. The clinic policy provides broader coverage that includes whole clinic risk, including some approved other practices such as RMT, Naturopath etc.  BFL


  • BFL’s offices are located in Vancouver, BC and the ATCMA has a dedicated member programme representative to help you with the application process and address your policy questions. You will have access to prompt and professional service in your home province.


  • BFL brokers are licensed in multiple provinces across Canada. The ATCMA and BFL are working together to grow the base of practitioners in regulated provinces who want to take advantage of reduced rates.  More members purchasing BFL insurance means that BFL has even better leverage to negotiate great rates each year.


BFL’s application process has moved online!

  • Existing ATCMA member policy holders:
    • To renew your policy in August each year, please follow the instructions in the email sent to you by BFL.
    • To make changes to your policy, please contact Selina Zhang:
      • Tel: 778-331-8627
      • Email: or



  • Not yet an ATCMA member? Register now and enjoy this exclusive discount – ATCMA annual dues are only $180!!
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ATCMA 会员享受 BFL 个人从业者和商业责任保险费率 25% 的折扣!

  • 其他 BFL 保险福利包括:
    无保单费!您在费率表和申请表中看到的价格就是您为保单支付的价格。这使 BFL 的费率更具有竞争力,因为许多其他经纪人收取保单费。
  • BFL 的保费仅保留 25%,而许多其他经纪人则高达 100%。这意味着如果您需要在中期取消您的保单,BFL 将根据短期利率表退还您的一部分保费,但须保留 25%。许多其他保险公司的留存附加费更高。
  • 保单覆盖范围包括不受限制地使用 Markel/ARAG 提供的两项有用的法律服务:
    • 任何法律事务的电话法律咨询热线:通过电话提供的有关任何法律问题的机密一般法律咨询和信息,以帮助确定您在适用省的法律和加拿大联邦法律下的权利和选择。
    • 法律文件审查:其顾问律师可以审查简短的法律文件或最长 6 面的法律信件(不包括遗嘱)。
  • 除了涵盖从业人员职业责任和个人一般责任的个人保单外,BFL 还提供诊所保单,如果您拥有自己的诊所,您可以选择购买。诊所政策提供更广泛的覆盖范围,包括整个诊所风险责任险,包括一些经批准的其他执业范围,如 RMT、Naturopath 等。
  • BFL 的办事处位于卑诗省温哥华市,ATCMA 有一名专门的会员计划代表来帮助您完成申请流程并解决您的保单问题。您将可以在您的家乡获得及时和专业的服务。
  • BFL 经纪人在加拿大多个省份获得许可。 ATCMA 和 BFL 正在共同努力,在受监管的省份扩大希望利用降低费率的从业人员基础。越来越多的会员购买 BFL 保险意味着 BFL 每年都有更好的筹码来协商高额费率。

BFL 的申请流程已在线上进行!

  • 现有的 ATCMA 会员保单持有人:
    • 要在每年 8 月更新您的保单,请按照 BFL 发送给您的电子邮件中的说明进行操作。
    • 要更改您的保单,请联系 Selina Zhang:
      • 电话:778-331-8627
      • 电子邮件 或
  • 信誉良好的ATCMA会员首次购买BFL保险,请联系Selina Zhang(电话:778-331-8627,Email:atcma@bflcanada.ca或,她将为您提供应用程序门户的说明。
  • 有关费率和政策的信息,请在网站上登录您的 ATCMA 帐户,然后单击 [22-23 ATCMA Rate Sheet-Clinic-To ATCMA(1)22-23 ATCMA Rate Sheet-Individual-To ATCMA(2)]。
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