The Province of BC has released new regulations for therapies covered by ICBC, which will include acupuncture as a preferred modality. The updated regulation will be officially launched on April 1st, 2019, at this point ICBC will start covering fees for acupuncture.

The fees paid to Acupuncturists will be as follows, with adjustments made over time:

Initial intake and treatment: $105.

Follow-up per treatments: $88.

ICBC will cover the first 12 treatments (given in no more than 12 weeks), with more treatments being covered on a case by case basis.

Special thanks to Dr. Yan Bin Ma, Dr. Fei Che, Dr. John Yang, and Jason Tutt for their time and efforts in pushing forward the new regulation.

For the further information, please see ICBC+Regulations


卑诗省省政府批复ICBC法案,其中包含针灸治疗之方案。 法案将于2019年4月1日正式开始。




ICBC之針灸治疗方案可以有12次疗程 (不得超過12周)。若超過12次疗程,须經ICBC事先同意。

特别感谢马燕斌医师、车飞医师、杨光芳医师及Jason Tutt 推动新法案时所付出的时间与努力。


更多内容,请详见 ICBC+Regulations