Pain BC Mentee Opportunity Jan 2023 | Pain BC 學員機會 一月 2023

ATCMA Members and fellow BC Acupuncturists! Our friends at Pain BC are offering mentee-ship opportunities to community and allied health care providers in BC. Do you treat patients with chronic pain, mental health and substance use in your clinical practice?  Are you in need of mentorship to deepen your understanding of these conditions and become more effective in treating them?  You may be a great fit as a Mentee for the adaptive mentorship programme offered by the BC Adaptive Mentorship Network

September 15-ATCMA EGM Meeting Notice | 9月15日-ATCMA 特殊會員大会 ( EGM) 通知

An Extraordinary General Meeting and Information Session of the British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners will be held:   Thursday, September 15, 2022 12:00 to 1:00 PM Pacific Time MEETING WILL BE HELD VIRTUALLY (ZOOM) ALL MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING ARE INVITED TO ATTEND Attendance is free of charge   The purpose of this Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is to read and review proposed changes to 14 ATCMA bylaws.  While most of the proposed changes are needed to reflect current administrative practices, there are

Continuing Education Course Alert! ! Fu Subcutaneous Needling offered in English – online + in person hybrid

FSN is a safe, effective, painless modern acupuncture. Invented in China in 1996, FSN became more and more popular in China. We have partnered with FSNAC to continue to offer training discounts to current ATCMA members. This basic training course has two parts: online theory learning and practical training in the clinic. The total ECUs are 14 hours. The language of instruction is English. Online theory: After registration, you will receive the link of videos in your email. Complete this study within two

ICBC March Newsletter – fee coverage increase, use of ICBC’s name in ads, upcoming treatment plan seminar and much more! | ICBC 三月份新聞 – 費用覆蓋率的提高,在廣告中使用 ICBC 的名稱, 即將舉行的治療計劃講座通知等等…

Hello ATCMA members,   The latest ICBC newsletter includes great news on increased coverage for acupuncture fees, clarification of the use of ICBC trademarks and endorsements, the next Health Care Provider Portal PIN reset, and much more.   Seminar save the date! On April 24 the ATCMA and ICBC will be offering a joint workshop on treatment plans – why they’re needed, what is required, functional assessment tools and terminology as well as tips and tricks for writing thorough and clear treatment plans. More

ICBC Communication to ATCMA – Share your feedback with ICBC on Enhanced Care| ICBC给与ATCMA的通讯报告-与 ICBC 分享您对加强护理的反馈

On May 1, 2021 ICBC implemented the new Enhanced Care coverage program providingimproved benefits and access to care at lower insurance costs for British Columbians. Health care providers play an integral role in the support and care of British Columbians who require treatment after being injured in a crash. As such, ICBC wants to understand how the changes under Enhanced Care have affected you and your ICBC clients injured after May 1. Your answers

ICBC Communication to ATCMA – January 2022 | ICBC给与ATCMA的通信-2022年1月

On January 4th, the provincial health officer asked businesses to re-implement COVID-19 safety plans in an effort to curb transmission of the Omicron variant. Coupled with the anticipated increase in staff absences, we understand how you deliver care may change.  We recognize that things continue to evolve when it comes to COVID-19 and we will continue to closely monitor the situation and adjust as needed. Thank you for your patience as we implement processes to keep our employees safe as well, which may

2021-ICBC Apr 12 Enhanced Care Webinar Recap | 2021-ICBC 4月12日加强护理网络讲座扼要简述

ICBC’s April 12 webinar for Acupuncturists on the new Enhanced Care programme was chock full of essential information for anyone direct billing to ICBC! If you were unable to attend, a recording of the webinar will be available on the ICBC Acupuncturists business partner page after April 20.   Highlights from the webinar:   For MVAs on or after May 1, AND an initial treatment that is outside of the Early Access Period (EAP = within 12 weeks of the date of the accident), APPROVAL FOR

ICBC Newsletter-April 2021 | ICBC 新闻更新- 2021年 4 月更新

Register for ICBC’s free webinar to learn more about Enhanced Care and how it affects your practice and patients! Read the latest ICBC newsletter for information on free webinars and up-to-date information on Enhanced Care.   Highlights include: Enhanced Care comes into effect on May 1st, 2021. To help you prepare for the changes coming under Enhanced Care, review the checklist in the ICBC April newsletter. ICBC is hosting free provider-specific webinars to provide discipline-specific information on Enhanced Care.  The session specifically for acupuncturists will be

ATCMA-Reminder to Practice Properly |ATCMA – 正确执业的温馨提醒

The Acupuncture and TCM profession are currently under the microscope due to the attention brought about by COVID-19, the ban on PIT and the cancellation of the Chinese PCE.  ATCMA members and fellow practitioners in BC are reminded to be sure that we are all practicing within our scope and following CTCMA rules.  Other allied health professions have been targeted for these issues, and we need to learn from their mistakes.  In particular, please ensure that you are:   1) practicing within

ICBC Newsletter-March 2021 | ICBC 新闻更新- 2021年 3 月更新

Members treating ICBC patients!  Be sure to read the latest ICBC newsletter and announcements for up-to-date information on rates and treatment plans.   Highlights include: Coverage rates will increase by $1 per session in April. A new ICBC web page with guidance on writing Treatment Plans (the replacement for extension requests). ICBC is offering free webinars to help practitioners adapt to the changes in enhanced care and treatment plans. The session specifically for acupuncturists will be held on April 12. Sign-up information is available within