205-Dry Needling – Anatomical Acupuncture – Contemporary Acupuncture – Medical Acupuncture: Can Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists compete in this new world of Needle users?| 干针–解剖针灸–当代针灸–医用针灸:中药和针灸师能否在这个新世界与针头的使用者竞争?


Language: English

Speaker: Dr. John Stan


Speaker’s Brief Bio:

Dr. John Stan has been practicing TCM for 30 years. He participated in the early years while growing his private practice, in professional acupuncture and TCM organizations. The work of these early organizations contributed to the recognition of TCM and acupuncture as health professions within British Columbia in 1996. He also founded Eastern Currents Ltd in 1995 with the mandate of importing and distributing quality acupuncture and professional TCM herbal products. Eastern Currents has grown to be one of Canada’s largest importers/distributors of prepared herbal medicines, acupuncture, and clinic supplies across Canada.  Dr. Stan was the co-developer of the world’s first eco-friendly acupuncture needle called Acufast, which was launched in Canada this year.   Dr. Stan has also been involved in the Tri-Continental TCM committee which has members from various TCM associations around the world. The goal for this committee has been to establish consistent and clear messaging about the Acupuncture and TCM profession so that it is appropriately differentiated from other health practices using needles.



This one and half hour talk will summarize the current situation of allied health practitioners using filiform needles in their practice and discuss how we as profession can respond to the challenges of increased competition.

This discussion will take a solution oriented, inclusive approach that focuses on what makes us different, how can we use modern terminology to strengthen our traditional concepts,

and how we can position our profession to be a relevant player in today’s health system.

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