Introducing ATCMA’s Extended Health Benefits Plan || ATCMA 团体医疗保健保险福利介绍

*Please scroll down for Chinese version ; 请往下移动观看中文版* Please  contact representative  from Sirius Benefits at for further inquiry 请联系Sirius Benefits保险公司代表了解更多信息,电邮 – With continuous efforts to provide benefits to our supportive members, ATCMA has partnered with Sirius Benefits to offer a group benefits plan. Percentage of coverage will depend on choice of Bronze, Silver and Gold plan. Coverage includes (Bronze/Silver/Gold); Prescription Drugs (70%/80%/90%) Paramedical Services(70%/80%/90%) Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractor, etc… Dental(70%/80%/90%) (Basic & Comprehensive) Travel Insurance ($5,000,000 per 180 day trip) Life Insurance ($25,000) Hearing Aids ($500 per 5 years) Eye Exams ($75 per

Breaking News! ICBC Regulations for Acupuncture Treatments; 重大消息! ICBC針灸治療法案

The Province of BC has released new regulations for therapies covered by ICBC, which will include acupuncture as a preferred modality. The updated regulation will be officially launched on April 1st, 2019, at this point ICBC will start covering fees for acupuncture. The fees paid to Acupuncturists will be as follows, with adjustments made over time: Initial intake and treatment: $105. Follow-up per treatments: $88. ICBC will cover the first 12 treatments (given in no more than 12 weeks), with more treatments being covered

【Survey】 Extended Medical Health Insurance Plan; 【民意调查】 延伸医疗保健保险计划

The association is considering to provide an Extended Medical Health Insurance for drug prescriptions, dental and other medical services coverage. If you would like to participate in the insurance plan, please fill out the survey below before December 31st, 2018. The decision will be made once the result has been finalized. We are looking forward to hearing from you!   The survey form:   P.s. The Extended Medical Health Care Plan is in its primary stage. The survey is for members

“Symposium for Presidents of TCM Associations” By Consul General Liu Fei

After the “Overseas Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine” press conference on November 16, 2016; Vancouver Consul General, Liu Fei, once again invited presidents from different traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) associations from greater Vancouver to the consulate for a symposium. As a result, 30 individuals were invited to attend the symposium which included the presidents and president’s representative from various TCM associations, Chinese Association and Alliance of Chinese Associations. The symposium carried out a heated discussion on how to promote the development

“Overseas Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine” Press Conference Record By Consul General, Liu Fei

On November 4th, 2016, Vancouver Consul General, Liu Fei, has hosted a press conference with consuls and staffs of Science and Technology and culture sectors. More than 30 practitioners and representatives and two Chinese doctors from western medicine association were invited to attend. The conference topic was to discuss about overseas development strategies for Chinese medicine. During the meeting, Liu expressed tremendous concerns and supports for the oversea development of TCM. She believes that the Chinese medicine industry has made a

The Formal Response Regarding the Proposal of KuoHsiang Chu

The Formal Response Regarding the Proposal of KuoHsiang Chu Recently, KuoHsiang Chu had sent a series of emails to a number of TCM acupuncturists and submitted a written request to convoke an interim meeting for the registered members of the BC CTCMA. To the recent statements and actions of KuoHsiang Chu, we would like to reply him a formal email after the chairman of ATCMA has discussed it with his board members. The following points reflect our opinions:   Any individuals who expresses any ideas,

Extraordinary General Meeting Urgent Attention

Extraordinary General Meeting Urgent Attention To whom it may concern, This letter is a CALL TO ACTION to all Registrants regarding the Extraordinary General Meeting set for Aug 29th, 2017. Location: Italian Culture Center, 3075 Slocan Street of Vancouver, BC  Time: 7:00pm In the last couple of months, a series of negligent political movements have disseminated and misinformation has initiated chaos within our college with serious implication. It is important to get informed. As you know, CTCMA is

Announcement for the 9th General Assembly of WFAS

Dear member societies: The 9th General Assembly (GA) of WFAS is to be held in Beijing, China on December 2, 2017. One of the major tasks of this GA is the election of the 9th Executive Committee of WFAS. Let’s seize this golden opportunity to look back at the 30-year history of WFAS for valuable experiences so as to guide our future path. We are honored to invite delegates from your organization to present in the 9th GA of WFAS to give

世界华人中医医师协会成立大会在青岛举行 (The Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians Was Established in Qingdao)

    2017世界华人医师年会于2017年9月21日,在青岛召开,会上举办了世界华人中医医师协会成立大会。世界华人医师协会会长张雁灵及理事长石丽英出席会议。中国中医科学院院长、天津中医药大学校长张伯礼院士当选为首任世界华人中医医师协会会长,随之选出14位副会长、1位秘书长、1位副秘书长、65位委员。   会长张雁灵致辞中表示,中医作为中国医学的传统瑰宝,需要不断发扬光大。为促进海内外中医药领域的学术交流,加强中西医结合的研究和探索,提升中医药在世界医学领域的影响力,成立世界华人中医医师协会是完全必要的,是凝聚力的体现。协会的成立将有助于团结世界华人中医师,加强中医界的交流和协作发展。现在,中医药受到国家重视,国际认可,正面临着发展的大好机遇,协会在这样的背景下成立,具有特殊的意义。怎样把世界华人中医师凝聚在一起,更好的为世界各国人民服务,这是协会成立的目的和宗旨。   他希望,世界华人中医医师协会成为一个,世界各地中医师交流合作的国际大平台,通过这个平台,展示好的中医项目,传播中医文化,使之在国外能够落地和推广。同时,也可以利用平台开展培训,推进人才教育,开展有国际影响力的学术会议。张会长强调,协会今后可以在3方面做工作:推广中医技术、做好中药、培养好中医药人才。 天津中医药大学第二附属医院王保和副院长,代表世界华人中医医师协会会长张伯礼致辞。他指出,中医药学是中华文明的杰出代表和古代科学的结晶,也是打开中华文明宝库的钥匙。在数千年的发展历史进程中,形成独特的生命观、健康观、疾病观、防治观,是对世界医学发展的一大贡献。随着世界人口老龄化、疾病谱改变和医疗模式的转变,中医药越来越显示出独特的优势。在海外,中医药具有深厚的民众基础,为维护和增进人民群众健康水平作出了重要贡献,同时也产生了广泛的国际影响,越来越多的国家和地区开始重视传统医药在本国医药卫生体制中的作用。在海内外华人和中医师的大力推动下,中医药国际发展取得了突出成绩。   他表示,今年7月1日《中华人民共和国中医药法》正式实施,《中医药发展战略规划纲要(2016-2030年)》等一系列国家层面的发展规划发布,中医药事业全面发展迎来了“天时地利人和”的大好机遇。今天成立的世界华人中医医师协会将推动中医药国际化发展进程,在加强学术交流和信息共享、增加国际合作和人才培养、加强标准制定等方面做出努力。   会上,石丽英理事长宣读了世界华人医师协会关于成立“世界华人中医医师协会”的批复。张雁灵会长为世界华人中医医师协会会长、副会长、秘书长、副秘书长、委员颁发了聘书。   学术论坛阶段,董竞成、周林福、高秀芳、车飞、徐虹、陶凯、尚东、李泽庚、秦倩、贾英杰、唐子惠、戴标、俞建、吕志刚、于卫东、路小云等专家分别作了专题报告。   加拿大卑诗省中医针灸师公会会长车飞及理事于卫东出席了世界华人中医医师协会成立大会,并为学术论坛作了专题报告       The Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians Was Established in Qingdao   On September 21 of 2017, the worldwide TCM conference was held in Qingdao. Meantime the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians was established in this meeting. The chairman: Yanling Zhang and President of a council: Liying Shi attended this conference. The president of the Chinese academy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):Boli zhang was elected the initial president of the Worldwide Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians. Meantime, the