Introducing ATCMA’s Extended Health Benefits Plan || ATCMA 团体医疗保健保险福利介绍

*Please scroll down for Chinese version ; 请往下移动观看中文版* Please  contact representative  from Sirius Benefits at for further inquiry 请联系Sirius Benefits保险公司代表了解更多信息,电邮 – With continuous efforts to provide benefits to our supportive members, ATCMA has partnered with Sirius Benefits to offer a group benefits plan. Percentage of coverage will depend on choice of Bronze, Silver and Gold plan. Coverage includes (Bronze/Silver/Gold); Prescription Drugs (70%/80%/90%) Paramedical Services(70%/80%/90%) Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractor, etc… Dental(70%/80%/90%) (Basic & Comprehensive) Travel Insurance ($5,000,000 per 180 day trip) Life Insurance ($25,000) Hearing Aids ($500 per 5 years) Eye Exams ($75 per

Breaking News! ICBC Regulations for Acupuncture Treatments; 重大消息! ICBC針灸治療法案

The Province of BC has released new regulations for therapies covered by ICBC, which will include acupuncture as a preferred modality. The updated regulation will be officially launched on April 1st, 2019, at this point ICBC will start covering fees for acupuncture. The fees paid to Acupuncturists will be as follows, with adjustments made over time: Initial intake and treatment: $105. Follow-up per treatments: $88. ICBC will cover the first 12 treatments (given in no more than 12 weeks), with more treatments being covered

【Survey】 Extended Medical Health Insurance Plan; 【民意调查】 延伸医疗保健保险计划

The association is considering to provide an Extended Medical Health Insurance for drug prescriptions, dental and other medical services coverage. If you would like to participate in the insurance plan, please fill out the survey below before December 31st, 2018. The decision will be made once the result has been finalized. We are looking forward to hearing from you!   The survey form:   P.s. The Extended Medical Health Care Plan is in its primary stage. The survey is for members

Please Attend Nov 5 CTCMA AGM | 請各会員參與11月5日中医针灸管理局年会

Dear fellows, It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in 2017 CTCMA AGM on November 05. As the AGM can help you to understand CTCMA annual work and financial report better, we sincerely look forward to your attendance and suggestions. AGM is important and we would like to share happiness with everyone. However, we have unwelcome news here. We received another special recall motion this year after five weeks of the EGM on August 29th of 2017. It was the

ATCMA July Newsletter ; ATCMA 7月通讯

Happy Canada Day! Hope you are enjoying your long weekend and the wonderful sunshine! July is the month for some new updates, so ATCMA would like to take the opportunity to share a few updates with you. Please click here to view: Newsletter July 2018   加拿大国庆节快乐! 希望您正在享受着您的长周末和美好的阳光! 7月是更新资讯的月份,所以ATCMA想借此机会与您分享几个新资讯。 请按这里查阅完整的通讯:newsletter July-中文   谢谢!

July Exclusive offers for members ; 七月会员福利

Three FREE online seminar videos!! 三个免费学术讲座视频!! (Stay tuned for different free seminar videos each month ; 每个月会推出不同免费学术讲座视频, 敬请留意) 1. 115-(A). Success Factors in TCM/Acupuncture Practice ; 中醫/針灸的成功因素 (English Only / 英文) 2. 117. How to improve the effectiveness of your treatments of complex injuries using Sport Acupuncture Techniques;如何利用運動針灸技術 (English Only / 英文) 3. 159. The Doctrine of the Mean & TCM Thinking;中庸之道与中医调治思路 (Chinese and English / 中英文) Instant savings of $60 for ATCMA members and earn a total of 6 credit hours* 以上会员独享价值 $60免费优惠,同时获取6个学分* Not a member? Register

WFCMS, ATCMA & KPU co-organized International Conference on Chinese Medicine in Respiratory Diseases ; WFCMS, ATCMA & KPU合办中加中医药防治呼吸病国际学术研讨会

WFCMS, ATCMA & KPU co-organized International Conference on Chinese Medicine in Respiratory Diseases **Please scroll down for Chinese; 请往下移动观看中文版** Parking map attached ; 附上停车图** Date : September 22, 2018 Time : September 22nd: 08:30am to 6:00pm and welcome dinner from 7:00pm to 9:30pm September 23rd: ATCMA AGM (For meeting and election: Members Only) (3.5 CEUs)                                   **AGM details will follow in another email**   Location : Melville Centre, Kwantlen Polytechnic University,

2016 British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners (ATCMA) Annual General Meeting

The ATCMA annual general meeting of this year was successfully held on 8 August 2016. The association has been found for 2 years after the first transition of Governing Board. The meeting underlined the following agenda: The first president of ATCMA Dr. Fei Che summarized the overall works accomplished during the biennium. Considering the current challenges to traditional Chinese medicine in British Columbia, ATCMA councils recognized the importance of self-strengthening and uniting with other traditional Chinese Medicine associations. ATCMA, therefore, has