Suzanne Williams, ATCMA Executive Director and ATCMA President Chris Vallee, Dr.TCM, are heading to beautiful Victoria on October 30 to meet with current students. They will share information on the current state of practice and offer insights into the realities of professional practitioner life.


All Pacific Rim College students are welcome to join!


The BC Association of TCM and Acupuncture Practitioners is coming to meet you and greet you!

You are working hard to absorb and apply what you are learning in school – it’s a lot, we know! However, have you thought beyond graduation? Do you truly understand the ins and outs of your future career? We’re sure you have questions, so join the ATCMA’s Executive Director, Suzanne Williams, R.TCM.P, and Board President, Chris Vallee, Dr.TCM, to learn what being a practitioner is all about. They will share insights on:

  • Aspects of professional life that practitioners wish they had known when they were students, especially the many hats that practitioners wear.
  • Business models and practice styles
  • Helpful hints for new practitioners
  • Professional resources that you can begin to use as students
  • Issues beyond the clinic walls that affect practitioners
  • How the ATCMA supports students and practitioners

Suzanne and Chris look forward to meeting you and to hearing your perspectives on student and practitioner life.

Date: Monday, October 30, 2023

Time: 9:30am – 11:30am 

Venue: Classroom 1 on PRC campus