After the “Overseas Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine” press conference on November 16, 2016; Vancouver Consul General, Liu Fei, once again invited presidents from different traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) associations from greater Vancouver to the consulate for a symposium. As a result, 30 individuals were invited to attend the symposium which included the presidents and president’s representative from various TCM associations, Chinese Association and Alliance of Chinese Associations.

The symposium carried out a heated discussion on how to promote the development of TCM:

  1. Kwantlen Polytechnic University has established a traditional Chinese medicine program, showing the recognition of TCM in British Columbia. However, the program is now only offering acupuncture courses and the budget for setting up clinical practicum training has also been called off. This means that the development of Chinese medicine is still facing great obstructions. Although there are some acknowledgements and supports from some parliamentarians, we have to continue actively to engage with other parliamentarians, letting them understand and support Chinese medicine to defuse the hindrance.


  1. The representatives from various TCM associations had a consensus of striving for ICBC’s acceptance of Chinese medicine. At present, ATCMA is preparing the third round of meeting with ICBC, ahead of other associations.


  1. The solidarity and cooperation among associations has been a general trend. But there are two different opinions towards collaboration. The first one is the establishment of working mechanism as associations have their own operations. Therefore, when they encounter major issues, the associated union will lead all associations to work together. The second view is to include the associated union in the daily work routine specifically.


  1. The Chinese Association and Alliance of Chinese Associations representative expressed strong concern about the development of traditional Chinese medicine, and expressed their willingness to coordinate in traditional Chinese medicine-related activities.

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